Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Documentation Reference

There is a lot of documentation available on GTViewer and the GTViewer family of products. Most of it is delivered with the relavant products; however, there are a few documents on specific topics that are not delivered with a product, but are available on request. This post lists all of the documentation that is available, what it is about, and where it is found.


  • User’s Guide for GTViewer.
  • Delivered with GTViewer.

  • Describes all of the entries in the .GTM file.
  • Defines the formats for data.tab, filter#.flt, style.map, style.map, and linestyle.def.
  • Delivered with GTViewer.
Dynamic Graphics in GTViewer and GTVx.doc
  • Describes how to use the Dynamic Graphics Interface for GTViewer and GTVx
  • Delivered with GTViewer
Feature Tooltips in GTViewer and GTVx.doc
  • Describes the use of Feature Tooltip in GTViewer and GTVx.
  • Programmer's Reference for developing external application for GTViewer with Visual Studio .NET.
  • Delivered with GTViewer
  • Programmer’s Reference for GTVx.
  • Includes all programming documentation for GTViewer (which uses a subset of the GTVx methods).
  • Delivered with GTVx (and with the GTViewer SDK).
  • Programmer's reference for the GTV .NET Control and the PGTV .NET Control
  • Delivered with the GTV Control and PGTV Control.

  • defines all data conversion and data manipulation utilities delivered with GTData.
  • Explains the process for converting ESRI Shapefile data and Intergraph Framme data.
  • User’s Guide for Pocket GTViewer.
  • Delivered with Pocket GTViewer (on the desktop).
  • Overview for using Pocket GTViewer with the sample data set and sample pole inspection application.
  • Delivered with Pocket GTViewer (on the desktop).
  • Programmer’s Reference for the GTRead ActiveX control.
  • Delivered with the GTViewer SDK.
  • Programmer’s Reference for the GTCreate ActiveX control.
  • Delivered with the GTViewer SDK.

  • User’s Guide for GTWeb Server
  • Programmer’s Reference for GTWeb Server.
  • Delivered with GTWeb Server.


  • User’s Guide for GTWeb Client.
  • Programmer’s Reference for GTWeb Client.
  • Delivered with GTWeb Client. 
GTWeb Server API.doc
  • Developer's reference for programming with the GTWeb Server
  • Defines the Application Programming Interface (API) for Pocket GTViewer.
  • Delivered on request.

GTViewer Text and Symbol Elements.doc
  • Provides detailed information on Text and Symbol element parameters.
  • Delivered on request.
  • Describes the format of the ASCII Data file (data.txt).
  • Delivered on request.
Linkages and Embedded Data.doc

  • Describes the Difference between Linked and Embedded Data in the GTViewer format.
  • Delivered on request.
  • User's Guide for the GTech Loader application.
  • Delivered with GTechLoader