Friday, September 29, 2023

GTViewer 20 BETA version is Available for testing


GTViewer 20 BETA version is available.  Mostly fixes, but a few new things as well.

----------------------- - 9/26/23

- FIX - #8517 - The CA_Attr entries were sensitive to spaces around the property values when using the Exp() option.

- NEW - #8520 - Style Definitions can use the <style name> entry as the first property to copy the specified style's properties to the new style, then any additional properties can override those. The referenced style must already be defined.

- NEW - #8522 - FeatureNameDefaultSeparator entry added to allow a customized separator between feature and component when useing FeatureNameMode 2.

- FIX - #8524 - GetRawEmbeddedData, GetRawEmbeddedData1 and XML Graphic export (for text and dimension elements) were failing because the string copy was not updated correctly for the new safe string copy method.

----------------------- - 9/18/23

- FIX - #8480 - If Session Graphics are imported that contain text using DFN fonts with non-printable character codes, but a true type font is defined, then the characters are substituted with '*'.

- CHG - #8486 - Changes to the MrSID Rendering to improve performance.

- CHG - #8487 - Minor performance improvements to the Point in Polygon Test.

- FIX - #8489 - The Splash skip keys to skip splash have been removed because they interfere with some complex OLE Automation controls in External Apps (like AutoSuggest on Text Boxes).

- FIX - #8505 - The Where Am I would add invalid items if the Feature String was not valid for a WAI definition.

- FIX - #8510 - The Custom Attribute Tab entries (CA_*) would not work in the .GTM file (but would if in a LoadSupplementalFile).

- FIX - #8513 - If the CA_Feature used the name of an existing Custom Attribute Tab, it would just continue adding Attributes items to the last valid custom tab.

- NEW - #8516 - Expression engine upgraded to the mult-platform version which includes several fixes and enhancements including Frist function and support for "." in attribute names without brackets and wildcarded table name in [<table>.<attr>] syntax.