Thursday, July 27, 2017

GTech Loader version is Available

GTech Loader version

----------- - 7/27/17

- FIX - #7894 - Stroking Complex Geometry option was failing when element was a simple shape elements (Type 103)

Friday, July 14, 2017

GTViewer for Windows Version 15 Beta #2 is Available

GTViewer for Windows Beta #2 is available for testing.

Most of the updates in Beta #2 are fixes and refinements to the new Display Manager (formerly called the Display Control Dialog).  New functionality includes the ability to disable (remove) one or more of the tabs it provides or disable the Display Manager altogether.  You can also disable the old Display Filter Dialog if you no longer wish for it to be used (these settings are all made in the .GTM file).  Fixes to the Display Manager include remembering the dialog's location, sort column, sort direction, selected category filter.

This update contains new functionality including the Custom Detail URLs.  This feature allows you to add URL style values to your attribute data that will act like a hyperlink to files or locations in the data (geographic or detail view, preset, raster, range or center/scale).  These can be used without any configuration of feature links.

A new InstallShield Setup is now being used and updates to the Sample Dataset are now provided (sample data in Beta #1 did not work correctly).  Sample Data was also moved from the Product directory to the AppData directory.

The first round of Documentation updates (in GTViewer.doc) have been provided, but most documentation and Help File updates will be in Beta #3.

If you wish to begin testing with Beta #2, please contact support.

----------------------- - 07/13/17

- FIX - #7869 - Opening a .GTX file with a Passcode using the Open Last option could cause problems.

- FIX - #7870 - GTField Edit dialog now clears memory when exiting.

- NEW - #7876 - Support for inline Detail File definitions with Custom Detail URL in Attribute Info dialog.

- NEW - #7877 - Added support for active URLs in Attribute Info with AllowUrlInAttrInfo entry in Additional Properties.

- NEW - #7878 - Now closes all Attr Info dialog when their corresponding View closes.

- FIX - #7879 - Display Control Dialog would cause a problem if you canceled dialog with X and then exited GTViewer.

- FIX - #7880 - Using OK or Cancel on Display Control dialog did not depress the toolbar icon.

- FIX - #7884 - Where Am I functionality was not allowing token commas in expressions.

- FIX - #7885 - Toolbox buttons would sometimes not fit in their dialog exactly on
screens with high or low DPI.

- FIX - #7886 - Display Control Dialog will now remember its last position.

- NEW - #7887 - Ability to disable specific tabs on the Display Control Dialog in the .GTM file.

- NEW - #7888 - Ability to disable the Display Filter Dialog in the .GTM file.

- FIX - #7889 - Make toolbar buttons for all non-mode commands and redline commands d                disabled when no document is open.

- NEW - #7890 - The Locate XY dialog will now support the Custom Detail URL strings.

- FIX - #7891 - Sort Columns, Sort Direction, and Category Filter not saved in Display Manager.

- CHG - #7893 - Sample Data moved to AppData directory.

----------------------- - 05/08/17

- NEW - #7763 - Query Index support for Exact Match and Begins with at a prompt level for most Queries.

- NEW - #7767 - Display Control Manager Added.

- FIX - #7777 - Placing a Redline Symbol where style rules are present for the 
Session Category could cause a style to be incorrectly applied to the redline symbol.

- NEW - #7784 - Double Click on Point Count item in Attribute Info Element tab 
will copy the point list to the clipboard.

- NEW - #7785 - The Ctrl-Shift-C on the Attribute Info Element tab will copy the 
selected element to the Session Category.

- NEW - #7803 - Support for SymbolMask in Style Definition.

- NEW - #7835 - HighlightModes 3 and 4 added to Query to draw box instead of 

- FIX - #7844 - Exporting UDLS definitions to ASCII would set Style to -1 for default which is not a valid input when reading in the file.

- FIX - #7866 - The token was not processing the expression correctly for right mouse menu.

- FIX - #7867 - For opening GTW files, the Style Name map was not initialized.

- FIX - #7869 - Opening a .GTX file with a Passcode using the Open Last option could cause problems.

- FIX - #7870 - GTField Edit dialog now clears memory when exiting.

GTech Loader version is Available

GTech Loader version

The last couple of incremental versions of the GTech Loader are delivered with the complete seed directory and sample scripts.  The installation of the GTech Loader app is provided under the Installations directory.   This version also includes documentation updates.

----------- - 6/27/17

- FIX - #7883 - If you add the same Feature twice to the same group, the duplicate would get lost because the name already existed.  Will now make the name unique when adding.

----------- - 4/3/17

- FIX - #7858 - For graphic text elements, the Unicode to Multibyte conversion was not correctly mapping some characters like the Degree symbol.

----------- - 3/23/17

- NEW - #7846 - Some support for Dimension Elements (Simple and Orthogonal).

- NEW - #7851 - Additional stub sections are provided in the template GTechData.gtm file for [Query Info], [Filter Presets], and [Additional Properties]

- NEW - #7854 - Stroke Complex Geometry option on Feature Edit form.

----------- - 2/08/17

- FIX - #7828 - 3D Geometries that specified an orientation point, but did not provide the point were causing an error.

----------- - 2/08/17

- NEW - #7827 - Debug Mode added to Settings page.  Adds additional details to the logfile.