Tuesday, June 26, 2018

GTViewer 15 is Available!

GTViewer Version 15 is now available.  This post gives more details about the new functionality, but here's a summary:

  • Session Manager - better management of GTViewer sessions when you have multiple datasets open at the same time.
  • Display Manager - provides an updated version of the Display Filter for better control of what you are displaying (don't worry, the Display Filter is still available).
  • Improved Linestyle Rendering - upgrades to the rendering engine to better represent dashed styles on arcs and curves.
  • Query Indexes - Locate Queries now support an optional index to speed up their search time. 
  • Locate Query Highlight Modes - A query definition can now define the locate highlight mode: persistent highlight, non-persistent highlight, persistent box, or non-persistent box.
  • Reload Command - reload all of the data's configuration files with one command.  This command is probably only useful for administrators, but it's very handy.
  • GPS Tracking - will now handle tracking in multiple datasets simultaneously.
  • Custom Detail URLs - allows you to specify complex locates as a URL in your tabular data.  Users can click on them to display detail files or locate to another part of the map.
  • URL Support - The Attribute Info dialog will now support HTTP and HTTPS links with no configuration.
  • Automatic Dialog Adjustments - In previous versions, supporting dialogs (toolboxes, symbol palettes, etc.) could be lost off the side of the screen (especially when you switch monitors or go from dual to single monitors).  All of these dialogs will now automatically move back onto the screen.
  • Private Font Support - GTViewer can now use TrueType fonts that are not registered with Windows.  The .TTF files just have to be in a specific directory.
  • API Enhancements- many new methods have been added to the programming interface.
  • 4K Monitor Support - updates have been made to better support larger monitors and higher pixel densities.  Older versions of GTViewer would squish or distort some of the dynamic dialogs when the pixel density increased.

Friday, June 22, 2018

GTViewer 15 (version 15012) is Available.

GTViewer for Windows Version 15012 is the (new) Release Candidate!

There have been no fixes since 15009, but there was some new functionality added.

----------------------- - 06/21/18

- NEW - #7997 - Update to Custom TrueType Font support to include Product directory as well as AppData directory.

----------------------- - 06/20/18

- NEW - #7996 - Custom TrueType Font support using AppData directory.

----------------------- - 06/08/18

- NEW - #7991 - The /REGSERVER and /UNREGSERVER flags were added to the command-line to better support .MSI installations.  There was already a -REGISTER_APP and -UNREGISTER.

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

GTViewer version 15009 (Release Candidate) is Available

GTViewer for Windows Version 15009 is the Release Candidate!

There was one fix since 15008, but everything else seems to be good.   We'll let anyone who wants to upgrade test with this version for a while, and then it will be officially released.

----------------------- - 06/06/18

- FIX - #7990 - This fix corrects a problem caused by #7989.