Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Riding Across America with GTSpot (Completed!)

  • 822 GTSpot Pictures Posted
  • 6/1/14 to 7/22/14  (52 Days)
  • 14 States - California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine
  • 3872+ Miles

Friday, July 18, 2014

GTViewer version is Available

GTViewer version is available.

This update fixes a couple of problems with the new Options/Settings added to the previous version plus adds a new method to the API.

----------------------- - 7/9/18

- FIX - #7464 - Fix to the new Settings Options (View Scrollbars and Toolbar Button sizes).

- NEW - #7465 - New method: SetCoordinateConversionInfo method added.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

GTViewer and GTVx with Touch Screens

With Windows 8 and 8.1 machines becoming more widespread, the availability of a Touch Screen is common .  It is also possible to use Windows 7 with a Touch Screen too, so the chances of using GTViewer with a Touch Screen is more and more likely.

Version 14.0.x.21 of GTViewer and 14.0.x.7 of GTVx both provide specific settings to make them run better with a Touch Screen interface.   They have always worked with Windows 8 and 8.1 using conventional inputs (mouse and keyboard), but the scrollbars on the map view window seem to confuse the Touch Screen interface.

In GTViewer, you can now use the Options/Settings dialog to configure 4 different setting values to better use a Touch Screen interface:

  1. Change View Scrollbars to NO.
  2. Change the Mouse Wheel Increment to a negative value.   This will make a 2 finger pinch gesture zoom out instead of zoom in.
  3. Change the Toolbar Button Size to Large, Larger, or Largest.  Making the buttons larger, makes them easier to use with touch.
  4. You may also want to set the Selection Tolerance to a higher value since touch is not as accurate as a mouse click.

The View Scrollbars and Toolbar Button Size settings are new to 14.0.x.21.   Mouse Wheel Increment and Selection Tolerance were already available, and you must use the Set as Default button to retain the value beyond the current session.

In GTVx, you can use the following to set the setting values:

   AxGTVX1.SetDataProperty("MouseWheelIncrement", "-1.5")
   AxGTVX1.SetDataProperty("SelectionTolerance", "6")

Make sure to call the ShowScrollBars method before you open any data.

With these settings, you should be able to use a Pinch to zoom in or out in any mode that you can use the moue wheel to zoom in or out.  

A Touch should behave like a mouse click in most GTViewer modes, and Touch and Hold will activate a right mouse click.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

GTVx version is Available

Version of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 7/3/14

- NEW - #7444 - ShowScrollBars method added to allow scroll bars to be hidden, and fixes to the view when Scroll Bars are turned off.

- FIX - #7445 - ElementGetRange method did not return the correct range for symbols because it was not using the style info.

- FIX - #7453 - Rotated Views would sometimes not refresh entire view, especially when a landscape view was rotated 90 degrees.

- FIX - #7457 - Locates on Count Detail features always used the default zoom level.  It will not fit the feature if the fit zoom level is better than the default.

GTViewer version is Available

GTViewer version is available.

This update to GTViewer provides much better support for Windows 8 and 8.1 in regard to touchscreens as well as Windows 7 when used with a touchscreen.

----------------------- - 7/9/16

- NEW - #7462 - Removable Scroll Bars.  Settings dialog updated to allow scrollbars to be turned off.

- NEW - #7463 - Toolbar button size settings added to the Settings dialog.  This 
option has previously been set in the registry.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

GTField Pro version is Available

GT/Field Pro version is available.

----------- - 7/10/14

- FIX - #7460 - Copy button on Report forms was crash if the records were of variable lengths.
- FIX - #7461 - Reports with different record schemas for the same feature would not display correctly.  First record found now defines the schema for the report.

----------- - 2/20/14

- FIX - #7373 - The GPS Simulation file will now accept a latitude and longitude, as well as latitude, longitude, altitude.

- FIX - #7374 - Optimizations to the GPS Indicator and Trail drawing.

GTViewer is Available

GTViewer version is available.

----------------------- - 7/9/14

- FIX - #7433 - AlwayHideRaster was not working correctly.  It would sometimes be used when it wasn't set.

- CHG - #7454 - The read buffer for NMEA GPS has been changed from 2000 to 100 sothat quicker updates can be received.

- FIX - #7456 - Locates on Count Detail features always used the default zoom level. It will now fit the feature if the fit zoom level is better than the default.

- FIX - #7458 - The Draw Symbol group selection combobox was moved to the right.

----------------------- - 4/24/14

- NEW - #7406 - The DrawClearAll method now supports mode 1000 which will clear only GTShare elements.

----------------------- - 4/16/14

- FIX - #7404 - The SetModifiedStatus method did not correctly set the modified flag and sessions weren't being saved.

----------------------- - 4/15/14

- NEW - #7384 - The element tab on the Attribute iNfo dialog will now center on double-clicked points.

- FIX - #7385 - The GetHighlightedList method was not exposed to automation.

- FIX - #7389 - The Update Preset button did not refresh the Preset list with selected presets indicated.

- NEW - #7391 - SetSelectSymbolGroup method added.

- NEW - #7392 - PresetGetCurrentState method added.

- FIX - #7393 - ASCII to Element conversion was treating Arc 64 elements as it its components were integers.  Used by the Saving session as .GTS functionality.

- FIX - #7400 - Element Modified Events fully implement to match GTVx.

- NEW - #7402 - New Event:  ClearAllSessionGraphics (211).

- NEW - #7403 - The SetDataProperty Undo can be set to Reset to reset the last Undo element in memory.