Thursday, January 25, 2018

GTMetaExp version is Available

GT/Metadata Explorer version is available. 

----------- - 01/25/18

- FIX - #7847 - It was possible for the default Data Provider (OraOLEDB.Oracle.1) to get reset in the settings file and the project became invalid.

- FIX - #7848 - Problem reading settings file from older versions.

- CHG - #7853 - Attribute Info on Find Feature will show graphic record for Dimension Elements (type 4096) since they have no tabular components.

----------- - 02/08/17

- FIX - #7830 - 3D Geometries that specified an orientation point, but did not provide the point were causing an error.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

GTViewer for Windows version 15 Beta #3 is Available for Testing

GTViewer for Windows Version 15 Beta #3 is available for testing.

Most of the updates in Beta #3 are fixes and refinements to the new features.  There was also several adjustments to initial dialog placements and adjusting dialogs that have been moved off the screen.

Toolboxes now use a better method for storing their previous locations.  If you already have toolboxes placed, you may have to reposition them one time to use the new location manager.

----------------------- - 01/11/18

- CHG - #7895 - The Custom Detail URL have been changed to default to system 
coordinates (to match GTViewer for iOS/Android) and masks default off.  New Actions (locate0, loc0, locate1, and loc1) have been added to default the coordinate system mode.

- NEW - #7914 - All Child Dialogs that can get offscreen are now checked and moved back onto the screen if necessary.

- FIX - #7915 - The Close All Toolboxes command was causing problems when GTViewer exited.

- FIX - #7916 - Fixes to the ToolBox auto layout when turning new toolboxes on.

- FIX - #7917 - The Display Control, Draw Text, Draw Dimension, and Draw Symbol    dialog will now check to see if it is off screen and adjust itself if necessary.  They will also remember last location.

- FIX - #7918 - Drawing Info dialog (used for measure, drawing, etc.) had the mode
name cut off, so it has been moved to the dialog instead of being in the titlebar.  The Onscreen adjustments have also been made.

- FIX - #7919 - When switching Modes, the Dimension dialog would not turn off.

- FIX - #7927 - The Feature/Component tab would not show the correct selected item on startup (but would after a fresh of the listview).

- FIX - #7930 - Display Control did not select the correct Feature or Feature/Component items when the dialog first displayed.

- FIX - #7931 - Display Control is now canceled if you change active view. Otherwise, it is confusing which view it goes with.

- FIX - #7932 - Display Control was not updating the Feature and Feature/Component items in the list as you zoomed in or out.

- FIX - #7933 - Fix for Hidden tabs in the Display Control Dialog.

- FIX - #7934 - Display Filter Dialog will now adjust to screen if necessary.

GTViewer Data Server version is Available

GTViewer Data Server version is available.  This update contains a fix for the Photo Upload functionality.  If you are capturing photos, you will need to upgrade to this version.

----------- - 12/19/17

- FIX - #7928 - Problem with ElectGas demo data where some zip files had more than one file in them.

- FIX - #7929 - Image posts were creating a record in the Web App Data, but it wasn't valid or needed, so it has been removed.

GTData is Available

GTData version is available.

There hasn't been a new installation for GTData in some time, so this is really just a roll-up of all internal changes to the core.  There are only two fixes listed, but there were more changes.   It was also difficult to get the newer fixes distributed without a setup.   The installation itself has changed in that it uses a newer version of InstallShield and doesn't try to install any components like MDAC or C++ Runtimes anymore.  There are too many different combinations, so those components will be installed as needed by the user.

----------- - 01/11/18

- FIX - #7850 - GTStyleMgr - Update to error message for Update file and also display Update File in header info.

- FIX - #7913 - GTFont - The -b2a flag was not working when there were Style Origins.