Monday, May 25, 2009

GTViewer version 8.0.x.41 is Available

GTViewer version 8.0.x.41 is available.

----------------------- - 5/25/09

- NEW - #5829 - The Style Origin defined in Standard Fonts for Text Element symbols was not used in Rotation and Scaling operations.

- NEW - #5831 - ToolBox actions can now be a list of commands.

- NEW - #5832 - LoadStyleMap and LoadStyleDef methods have been added to the Document object.

- NEW - #5833 - ToolBox Actions now support BGColor to allow the background color to be changed.

- NEW - #5834 - ToolBox Actions now support StyleMap and StyleDef to allow the current Style Map or Definition to be changed.

- NEW - #5835 - DisplayToggle command can now be specified with the shorter DispTog in a ToolBox action.

- NEW - #5836 - DispOn and DispOff have been added as ToolBox commands to turn on or off the specified items.

- FIX - #5837 - Toolbox #5 was not closing with document or moving with the main application. Related to #5808.

- NEW - #5838 - ToolBoxEntry lines can now be greater than 255 characters when making extract files (.gtx).

- FIX - #5839 - Problem on fresh installation if a GTM file is opened, then closed, but OpenLastFile is set. Running GTViewer again would give a file invalid message.

- NEW - #5840 - The token followed by a tokenized URL is now supported by the Link Base Location property which indicates that the file attribute File value will replace a token (<%param%>) in a URL string. The <%equal%> token is also supported to specify equal signs (=) in the URL.

----------------------- - 5/24/09

- NEW - #5826 - Scale attribute added to the DGN Export parameter file.

- NEW - #5827 - Export as DGN will now convert multi-line text string to multiple text element entries.

- NEW - #5828 - Export as DGN will now use justification attributes when placing text elements.

----------------------- - 5/20/09

- NEW - #5820 - Updates to the Attribute Info functional to better supported Linked Document from GT/Field.

- NEW - #5821 - GTViewer will now filter the "table." out of a GT/Field Attribute name if the table is the same as the record's name.

- NEW - #5825 - FontMap entries int the ExportDgn configuration file now support non-stroked text and symbols.

----------------------- - 5/19/09

- NEW - #5812 - GetCategoryList method added to Document object.

- FIX - #5813 - FillOffForRaster=1 was disabling polygon fill even when no raster was displayed (because of threshold, files not found, etc.)

- FIX - #5815 - Export to DGN was transposing the font and justification value for Text Node elements.

Monday, May 18, 2009

TechEd 2009 in Los Angeles

This year the TechEd Developers Conference was merged with the TechEd IT conference and happened last week in Los Angeles. While there were significantly fewer Developer oriented sessions, it was interesting to sit in some of the IT sessions. With around 700 sessions to choose from and only about 20 you can actually attend, the need to be particular about what you want to learn becomes very important. I heavily weighted my track with “Mobile”, but I also checked out SQL Server’s Spatial capabilities, and the future directions of the development environments and programming languages.

The push, I mean focus, this year was definitely the yet to be released Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, followed by a healthy dose of Virtualization in the form of Hyper-V and Windows Virtual PC.

I did have an opportunity to run GTViewer on a beta copy of Windows 7 at the “Bring Your Own App Lab.” There were a few glitchy things with reading some values out of the registry, but overall I was very pleased with how well GTViewer worked the first time on Windows 7. I have already checked off a lot of grief on my to-do list from this experience. The free booze they were passing out was not even necessary to favorably color my opinion of Windows 7.

The focus last year was definitely LINQ, which seems to have been toned down now to is actual value. WPF and Silverlight, looked cool to try, but now they look usable. Microsoft’s creation of tools to help spawn the development of new programming languages is supposed to bring about an explosion in new languages. I along with everyone else in the Polyglot Programmer session cringed at the idea of having to learn dozens of new languages, but like LINQ, this idea may fade into a manageable and productive tool in our programming arsenal. I was hoping to see Windows Workflow (WF) be a hotter topic than it apparently is, but it may take a few iterations before it catches on.

I was pretty pleased with TechEd 2009. I will continue to process the information for a while.

Friday, May 08, 2009

GTViewer version 8.0.x.37 is Available

GTViewer version 8.0.x.37 is available.

----------------------- - 5/08/09

- CHG - #5792 - Feature Tooltip display time increased to 30 seconds.

- CHG - #5805 - The maximum number of prompts with QueryInitialize was changed from 10 to 50.

- NEW - #5806 - LocateXY added as a Toolbox Command.

- CHG - #5807 - Default position for Toolbox moved down to be under the toolbars.

- FIX - #5808 - Problem with the 5th Toolbox being defined.

- NEW - #5809 - ActivateCapture2PointLine method has been added.

- NEW - #5810 - The GTViewer.dll .NET Assembly is now delivered.

GTVx version 8.0.x.10 is Available

Version 8.0.x.10 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 05/08/09

- CHG - #5793 - Feature Tooltip display time increased to 30 seconds.

- NEW - #5794 - PrintBorder Print property has been added.

- NEW - #5798 - <%scale%> token is now supported in Print notes.

- FIX - #5799 - Problems with Print Labels.

- NEW - #5800 - New Print Properties: ShowPrintableArea, PrintPaddingLeft, PrintPaddingRight, PrintPaddingTop, PrintPaddingBottom.

- CHG - #5801 - Changes to the Print View scaling mechanism to work better when no border or labels are wanted.

- NEW - #5802 - New Print Property: PrintViewRange.