Wednesday, March 28, 2018

GTViewer for Windows Version 15 Beta #4 is Available

GTViewer for Windows Version 15 Beta #4 is available for testing.

Most of the updates in Beta #3 are fixes and refinements to the new features.  There was also several adjustments to initial dialog placements and adjusting dialogs that have been moved off the screen.

Toolboxes now use a better method for storing their previous locations.  If you already have toolboxes placed, you may have to reposition them one time to use the new location manager.

----------------------- - 03/28/18

- FIX - #7938 - The Filter Files (.flt) can support the <*comma*> token in 
                the description field.

- FIX - #7944 - Shape with Hole elements that were not filled, were not 
                respecting the Border Color Id or Value in a Style Definition.

- NEW - #7945 - MapFunct function added to expression engine.

- FIX - #7946 - Adjustments to the MRU functionality so the active document 
                will be the last file opened.

- NEW - #7947 - Forget Button on New Session dialog.

- FIX - #7948 - The Extended Text Color Id property was not being set 
                correctly when using the Style Manager.

- FIX - #7949 - Extended Color Styles using the Extended Text Color Id were 
                not working correctly.

- FIX - #7950 - Reworked Extended Text Style Modes 1,2,3 and 4.

- FIX - #7952 - The Esc button didn't cancel the drawing of a Shape (like
                it did with a linestring).

- NEW - #7953 - The Locate XY dialog will now support a Tab character as 
                a delimiter.  You can't type in a tab character, but you 
can cut and paste one from something else.

- CHG - #7954 - The Option/Web menu has been disabled since this 
                functionality is no longer used.

- CHG - #7955 - The old Dynamic Highlight (not the Dynamic Graphics) has 
                been taken out.

- CHG - #7956 - The Maximize Initial View setting will now default to Yes.

- CHG - #7957 - The Mouse Wheel Increment will now default to 1.25 
                instead of 3.0.

- CHG - #7958 - The Move Increment will now default to 100 instead of 1000.

- CHG - #7959 - The View Scrollbars will now default off.

- FIX - #7960 - The Open File button was not working on Extract Data By Shape.

- FIX - #7961 - If a default path is used with Extract Data, it will now be 
                expanded to the full path.

- FIX - #7962 - Open File button on the Extract Data dialog will now use 
                the Shell to open the .GTX file instead of handling it internally.

- FIX - #7963 - Extract by Shape was displaying its dialog twice (again when 
                you exited).

- FIX - #7964 - Extract Data dialog will now confirm that you want to overwrite 
                an existing file.

- FIX - #7965 - The Tools/Change Password was giving an  unable to open file 
                for write error.

- CHG - #7966 - The Change Password dialog will now use obscured text fields for 
                the passwords.

- FIX - #7967 - The File/Reload command will disable now for .GTX files with now 
                external session file (.GTS).  

- CHG - #7968 - If a password has been added to an Extract File, the password must 
                be entered before making an extract even if the password is not 
                yet active.

- FIX - #7970 - Attribute Info Value columns was getting slightly cut off on the 
                left side occasionally.

- NEW - #7971 - Context Sensitive Help updates and Help content updates.

- CHG - #7973 - The Raster Display Filter will now omit invalid raster files.

- NEW - #7974 - Added the rest of the BGMask methods to match GTVx:
                BGMaskAddShapeFromBuffer, BGMaskAddShapeFromBufferEx, 
BGMaskDeleteByKey, BGMaskGetList, BGMaskGetRange, 
                BGMaskSetHighlight, BGMaskClearHighlight, BGMaskGetElementInfo, 
                BGMaskAddCircleEx, BGMaskChangeColor, BGMaskMoveToBack, 
                BGMaskMoveToFront, BGMaskChangeBorderWeight, 
                BGMaskChangeBorderStyle, BGMaskChangeBorderColor, 
                BGMaskChangeFillColor, BGMaskChangeBorderFillStyle.

- NEW - #7975 - The Feature Tooltip button on the toolbar is now disabled if there 
                are no feature tooltips.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Updates for GTViewer for iOS/Android Available

Major updates for both GTViewer for iOS and GTViewer for Android are available today.

GTViewer for iOS version 3.0.85

  • FIX - Couldn't download a project with a space in username
  • FIX - Project tokens were incorrectly lowercase sensitive
  • FIX - TrueType font symbols weren't correctly applying angle offsets
  • FIX - TrueType font symbols weren't scaling correctly
  • FIX - Duplicated styles were being redefined
  • FIX - Shape with Holes elements border color was wrong in some instances
  • FIX - Support for comma token in Filter files
  • FIX - Had to add a delay to dismissing of the Download View Controller because if your project was very small then the transitions wouldn't fire
  • NEW - Added additional extended styles for TrueType text 
  • NEW - Added support for collecting location information in Data Collection forms
  • NEW - Added basic Group element support
  • FIX - Fixed an issue where some special characters would cause a crash when syncing Data Collection Records

GTViewer for Android version 3.0.28

  • FIX - Fixed an issue with having different servers for GTShare and Data Collection URLs
  • FIX - Shape with Holes elements had an issue with  feature selection
  • FIX - Didn't support as a group
  • FIX - Fixed a crash in Filter File init when parsing bad data
  • FIX - Project tokens were incorrectly lowercase sensitive
  • FIX - TrueType font symbols weren't correctly applying angle offsets
  • FIX - Duplicated styles were being redefined
  • FIX - Shape with Holes elements border color was wrong in some instances
  • FIX - Support for comma token in Filter files
  • NEW - Added additional extended styles for TrueType text 

GTViewer Data Server version

  • FIX - #7937 - Problems with foreign characters in text element and embedded data.
  • NEW - #7939 - ClearProject and GetWebAppList operations have been added to the Web Service API.
  • FIX - #7941 - Web Service operators returning filtered results, will now use all Web App columns instead of just the internal ones.
  • FIX - #7942 - Web Service operators using filter expression could have an error if an attribute was used in the expression but was not found in the data.  
  • FIX - #7943 - BackupProject, GetProjectStatistics, RestoreProject, CompactProject, ResetProject, and ClearProject must now be performed with a user in the Admin group.