Friday, November 17, 2023

GTViewer version BETA is Available


GTViewer 20 BETA version is available.  

----------------------- - 11/17/23

- FIX - #8537 - The Export View to DGN and Export Graphics to DGN were failing on Text elements.

- FIX - #8538 - Problem with moving elements placed near the edge of the design plane more than a long integer.

----------------------- - 11/09/23

- NEW - #8534 - The GetCustomSettings and ProcessCustomSetting methods have been added to support the Proximity Builder Add-On.

- FIX - #8535 - The "Long" label in the Locate XY dialog when using one of the Lat/Long modes was too large to fit on the dialog.

- FIX - #8536 - If the Label size was a decimal value, it would crash.

----------------------- - 10/20/23

- NEW - #8531 - If any child dialog is off the screen when activated, it will attempt to move its position to the upper/left corner of the view.   This functionality was tried in GTViewer 15 and then removed.  This version works differently.

- CHG - #8532 - By default, the Presets no longer change the min/max threshold values.  The old method can still be used by adding UseOnlyStatusFromPresets=0 to the Additional Properties section of the .GTM.

- FIX - #8533 - The ToolBox ActivateDisplayFilter action now shows the Display Manager.  ActivateDisplayManager action name also supported.

Thursday, October 12, 2023

GTViewer 20 Beta version is Available


GTViewer 20 BETA version is available.  

----------------------- - 10/12/23

- NEW - #8525 - Proximity Seach now supports Session Graphics (redline) elements.

- NEW - #8526 - Logging Level, App Path, and AddOns added to Log File Header.

- FIX - #8529 - Display Manager would crash if a Dynamic Graphics was not valid

- FIX - #8530 - Depending on the part of the design plane, session graphics would not get drawn (they would disappear after drawing).   A casting issue was causing this and has been fixed.

Friday, September 29, 2023

GTViewer 20 BETA version is Available for testing


GTViewer 20 BETA version is available.  Mostly fixes, but a few new things as well.

----------------------- - 9/26/23

- FIX - #8517 - The CA_Attr entries were sensitive to spaces around the property values when using the Exp() option.

- NEW - #8520 - Style Definitions can use the <style name> entry as the first property to copy the specified style's properties to the new style, then any additional properties can override those. The referenced style must already be defined.

- NEW - #8522 - FeatureNameDefaultSeparator entry added to allow a customized separator between feature and component when useing FeatureNameMode 2.

- FIX - #8524 - GetRawEmbeddedData, GetRawEmbeddedData1 and XML Graphic export (for text and dimension elements) were failing because the string copy was not updated correctly for the new safe string copy method.

----------------------- - 9/18/23

- FIX - #8480 - If Session Graphics are imported that contain text using DFN fonts with non-printable character codes, but a true type font is defined, then the characters are substituted with '*'.

- CHG - #8486 - Changes to the MrSID Rendering to improve performance.

- CHG - #8487 - Minor performance improvements to the Point in Polygon Test.

- FIX - #8489 - The Splash skip keys to skip splash have been removed because they interfere with some complex OLE Automation controls in External Apps (like AutoSuggest on Text Boxes).

- FIX - #8505 - The Where Am I would add invalid items if the Feature String was not valid for a WAI definition.

- FIX - #8510 - The Custom Attribute Tab entries (CA_*) would not work in the .GTM file (but would if in a LoadSupplementalFile).

- FIX - #8513 - If the CA_Feature used the name of an existing Custom Attribute Tab, it would just continue adding Attributes items to the last valid custom tab.

- NEW - #8516 - Expression engine upgraded to the mult-platform version which includes several fixes and enhancements including Frist function and support for "." in attribute names without brackets and wildcarded table name in [<table>.<attr>] syntax.

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

A new GTViewer version 20 Beta is Available


A new GTViewer version 20 BETA is Available. Version has several fixes and changes since the last Beta, plus a lot of new documentation (including GTVConfig.doc).

Most of the changes were with the Custom Feature Names for the Right-Mouse menu, Feature Picklists, and Attribute Info Dialog Titles. 

If you have a valid GTViewer license, you can get the Beta.   I encourage everyone to try it so we can find any issues now and get this new version released.

----------------------- - 6/5/23

- FIX - #8459 - Short Cut Keys for Redo were not working (Ctrl-Y and Ctrl-Shift-Z).

- FIX - #8461 - Detail Range Files that used Real World Coordinates (mode 1) would not work for Extracts.

- NEW - #8462 - Added Keystroke Summary under Help.

- FIX - #8463 - Fixed the Shift-F1 accelerator keys for Context Help.

- CHG - #8464 - Changed help to use a PDF file instead of an HTM file.  

- FIX - #8472 - The new Custom Icon feature with the Query entries in the .GTM file were not backward compatible with older version of GTViewer if no group is used.   The QueryCustomIcon entry has been added and can specify the icon on the following line.

- NEW - #8473 - Expressions will now allow "[*.Attr]" to use the first Attribute of that name it find for any table, or attribute without a table.

- NEW - #8474 - Expressions now support First() function.  Will return the first String parameters value that is not blank from the list of expression parameters.

- NEW - #8475 - Feature Tooltip Expressions now have access to stock metadata attribtures from features (feature, component, style, category, etc.).

- CHG - #8476 - Default FeatureNameMode changed to 2 (Feature : Component).

- CHG - #8477 - PROX entry changed to CUSTOM.  Settings Changes:  Name1 to ProxName, Name2 to PickName, Name3 to AttrInfoName, Info to ProxInfo, Mode to ProxMode,  Priority to ProxPriority, Separator2 to PickSeparator, Separator3 to AttrInfoSeparator.

- CHG - #8478 - FeatureNameMode now applies to all features unless they are defined with a Feature Specific entry or if the DefaultFeatureNameExp entry is provided.

- FIX - #8479 - Pdf Help file wasn't working when there were spaces in the Product Path.

Friday, April 28, 2023

GTViewer for Windows Version 20 - Beta Preview

GTViewer for Windows Version 20 is almost ready for Beta Testing.   This video gives an overview of what's new.

Version 20 has a lot of new features and has upgraded libraries for Raster and Coordinate Projections.  It also has changed to a Tabbed View architecture. will need some testing.

If you are interested in trying out the Beta when it becomes available, contact support.