Monday, August 15, 2022

Videos on Setting Up and Upgrading GTViewer Data Server


One of my biggest issues with GTViewer Data Server is getting people to upgrade to a new version.  So with the new Version 6, I've made an extra effort to simplify this process.  

First, the documentation has been updated.  The sections on installing for the first time and upgrading from an older version have been completely rewritten.

Second, I made 3 videos to walk you through the process.  I don't claim to be a world-class video maker, so if you prefer to get the information from the documentation, that is perfectly fine and both the videos and documentation provide the same information.

There are 3 videos:


GTViewer Data Server version 6 (Beta) is Available

GTViewer Data Server version (beta) is Available for testing.

What's New:

  •  All Tools have been updated to work better on smaller (or low-res) screens and to be more user-friendly.  
  • New Tools have been added:  GTVDS_ReturnLicense, GTVDS_UsageFileViewer, GTDta2Csv, GTVDS_Poster.
  • GTVDS_Reset has new functionality to download logfiles and usage files.  It can also view the usage information.
  • Documentation has been updated and is now delivered as .PDF files.  The main doc (GTViewerDataServer.pdf) has been substantially rewritten to make the setup and upgrades easier.  
  • Three videos are available to walk you through Setting up GTViewer Data Server from scratch, upgrading from version 4 to 6, and upgrading version 5 to 6.
  • License Tracking has been updated.  More methods are now available to see how your licenses are being used and new ways to return licenses to the pool.
  • Support added for posting documents (not just images) from Data Collection apps.
  • Better logging information and various fixes.

----------- - 7/13/22

- FIX - #8268 Minor optimiation to the Date() filter function.

- NEW - #8286 Project List Group support added.

- NEW - #8292 PostImage.aspx will now provide a client error message specifically for when the WebAppImages does not exist.

- NEW - #8296 - GTVDS_Reset 6001 - Features added to download the current Logfile and Usage Files.

- NEW - #8297 - GTVDS_Reset 6001 - Save Password option added.

- NEW - #8298 - GTVDS_Reset 6001 - History has been added to the Server URL so you can pick from the last 20 used.

- FIX - #8299 - The .CSV Activity file could have records truncated if the server was stopped or crashed.  Now, all records are flushed when written.

- NEW - #8301 - Usage Audit File added to log all users Added, Returned, Purged for Inactivity.

- NEW - #8302 - User License management is now enforced instead of just tracking.

- NEW - #8303 - License return is now supported.

- NEW - #8307 New Tools:  GTVDS_Poster, GTVDS_ReturnUser, GTVDS_UsageFileViewer

- NEW - #8306 - GTViewer Data Client 6001 - ServerURL and Data Directory now save history.

- FIX - #8313 - Fix to the formatting of the Line Count in logfiles.

- CHG - #8314 - Registration Keys are now product version specific.

- CHG - 8315 - Regular Security Mode is no longer supported.  The default is now Enhanced mode.

- NEW - #8316 - All Tool Apps now provide a valid User Agent for Login requests.

- FIX - #8318 - Form Layout adjusted for GTManifest, GTVDS_Reset, GTViewerDataClient to better support lower resolution screens.

Monday, April 18, 2022

GTWeb Server version is Available

 Several Minor Upgrades to GTWeb:

  • The Version 12 Browser Client had a few UI tweaks to make it look better and to make the information more readable
  • The Version 11 Browser Client has been modified to work with a Version 12 server (minus the new Version 12 functionality).  If a user prefers the look of the previous Browser Client, you can now use gtweb11.htm instead of gtweb.htm.  Both Browser Client can be run at the same time.

  • The Logging and Exception Handling for SMTP mail (sent when a Note is added or edited) has been upgraded.

----------------------- - 04/15/22

- NEW - #8280 - Browser Client - Updated Logos/Colors.

- FIX - #8281 - Browser Client - Some of the text in the Attribute Info and Query Results was too thin making it difficult to read.  The weight has been increased.

- CHG - #8282 - Browser Client - A black border has been added to Attribute Info so it looks better on top of the Map and when the browser window is narrow enough to overlap the left-hand side of the display.

- FIX - #8283 - Better exception handling and logging for Email tasks (new Notes).

- FIX - #8284 - Updates to SMTPClient email calls to use current methods.

- NEW - #8285 - The Version 11 Browser Client has been modified to work with the Version 12 Server and is now delivered as gtweb11.htm. It does not support any of the new features of the Version 12 Client, but it will work with a Version 12 server.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Updates for GTShareViewer and GTVDSAdmin

 Both the GTShareViewer and GTVDSAdmin tools have updates to fix an issue with importing .CSV files.  If you import .CSV files with either one, you should get these updates. 

GTShareViewer was only able to delete Redline Data records and not Data Collection records (broken with the Session Graphics Data Collection was added). This issue was also fixed.

These updates will be delivered with the next GTViewer Data Server, but you can contact support to get them now.


----------- - 03/9/22

- FIX - #8274 - The Import CSV was not working if the fields didn't match the column count in the .csv or the ending value was a blank.  This problem is similar to #8272.

----------- - 03/4/22

- FIX - #8273 - The Delete Record was not working for both Redlines and Data Collection records.


----------- - 3/8/22

- FIX - #8272 - If a transaction record in the .DTA file ended with a blank value or fewer values than columns, some operations like Delete would fail since the .CSV wouldn't be loaded incorrectly.

Friday, February 18, 2022

GTI has a new Logo!

After 14 years with our current logo, GTI is upgrading to a new one.

Why change after so long? Well, this is our 4th logo to date, and we wanted to represent the changes we’ve made in the company and our products. The new logo is also more versatile and designed for the myriad of different platforms we need to support.

Fourteen years ago, there were no iOS or Android apps and Windows Mobile was our niche. Today, GTViewer for Windows remains our flagship product, and the iOS and Android versions are steadily growing both in licenses and functionality.

The GTWeb clients for iOS and Android (our first apps for these platforms) are now over 10 years old.

Next year, GTViewer for iOS and Android will be 10 years old.

GTViewer for Windows is now 22 years old and version 20 should be out later this year with a heap of major upgrades.

It will take some time to get everything updated with the new logo, but here’s a preview of what it looks like:

Orcl Loader version is Available


Orcl_Loader version 

Several updates to the Oracle Loader.  Most of them to get it up to date with newer versions of Oracle and a few minor fixes.

----------- - 2/17/22

- FIX - #8270 - The RemapKey function was not saving the .remap files in the GUI version.

- FIX - #8271 - A problem with Oracle 19c was fixed where queries against a table with a large number of records had to be processed as "Read Committed".

----------- - 2/17/22

- FIX - #8269 - Functionality added to parse out the text from an RTF String stored in the Geomedia Text element type (6001).

----------- - 4/29/20

- NEW - #8108 - Point Thinning added.

- NEW - #8109 - Upgraded to .NET Framework 4.7.2

----------- - 1/15/18

- FIX - #7936 - Problems with foreign characters in text elements and embedded data.

----------- - 12/14/17

- FIX - #7925 - Updates to fix issue with StyleDefinitionId always be added.

- FIX - #7926 - Query to tables with no valid Geometry attribute could fail.

----------- - 9/11/17

- FIX - #7897 - Tabular Records were not supporting foreign language characters 
                (umlauts, accents, etc.).  These were filtered out after #7792 when 
                all non-printable characters were removed.

- CHG - #7898 - Changed Data.txt file to use ISO-8859-1 character encoding.

- FIX - #7902 - Update to allow Text Elements to be written in foreign language 
                characters in Text elements (using ISO-8859-1 encoding).

----------- - 2/8/17

- FIX - #7829 - 3D Geometries that specified an orientation point, but did not 
                provide the point were causing an error.

Thursday, September 30, 2021

GTViewer for iOS/Android Update


GTViewer for iOS (version 5.47.6) and GTViewer for Android (version 5.32) have several new features:

  • The Data Collection functionality now supports customizable symbology for its markers.    Previously, the only markers were an Arrowhead, Circle, or Square.  You can now specify a Symbol of your choosing as well as its size, color, and justification using the Data Collection State Definitions.   
  • The Data Collection State Definitions have been expanded to allow a different set of definitions per Data Collection form.  You can still use a default set of state definitions for all forms that do not have a specific set defined.
  • The ability to associate Data Collection information with Session Graphics (redlines) is now available.  The original Data Collection functionality uses its own point (selected by the user or derived from a selected Feature) to position a dynamic marker on the map.  The new Session Graphics Data Collection uses a redline as the marker and provides two new workflow options for capturing data:
    1. Attach a Data Collection record to an existing redline (using the same style of forms used with the original Data Collection to enter the information).

    2. Start from a feature in the map and fill in the data collection form. A new redline copy of the selected feature is generated with the captured data attached.  The redline can be moved and edited just like any other redline.

Session Graphics Data Collection Example:

- Draw any Redline (freehand circle below):

- Select the Redline:

- Press the Data Collection button to activate the Data Collection form.  Forms can be associated with one or more redlines types (line, shape, circle, text, dimension, leader line, symbol, or a specific symbol). You can also have more than one form to choose from.

- Once the collected data is saved, the Data Collection State rules apply to the redline for Color and style.  It can be synced with the GTViewer Data Server, and reviewed like any other feature:

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

GTWeb for iOS is 10 Years Old!


GTWeb for iOS was released in September 2011, a few months after GTWeb for Android.  So GTI's first products on iOS and Android are both 10 years.

GTWeb has changed more than any other GTI product over its lifetime. The rapidly evolving nature of the internet (since the early 2000s) has driven GTWeb to reinvent itself several times.  Starting with an ActiveX client (closely related to GTVx), the GTWeb Server cut out elements for the user's view and let the client do all the rendering. When ActiveX controls were no longer allowed in browsers, the Server rendered raster tiles for the client to display in an HTML wrapper.  Then the rise of Apple and Android made Apps the way to provide the best client experience on phones and tablets. Ten years later, this is still true.   

In memoriam, GTWeb for BlackBerry and GTWeb for Windows Phone were discontinued when their platforms ceased to exist.

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

GTStyleDiff Utility added to GTData

A new utility called GTStyleDiff has been added to GTData.  

This new tool allows you to take a Style Definition File (style.def), compare it to another Style Definition File, and then produce a list of styles added and any property changes made to existing styles.  This list of changes is usually saved in a file called style_update.def and is used with the GTStyleMgr tool to integrate any custom changes into a style.def.

Why is something like this needed?  The GTech Loader produces a fresh set of styles from the database for each export. If you kept track of all custom changes to the Style.def and maintained your own style_update.def file, then GTStyleDiff may not be of use to you.  If you use the Style Manager in GTViewer to interactively set the styles like you want and then export a new style.def, then it becomes tricky knowing what changed.  That is there the GTStyleDiff tool comes in handy.   It can create the style_update.def file for you and can be automatically applied to the style.def created by the GTech Loader exporter each time.