Friday, June 28, 2024

GTViewer version BETA is Available


GTViewer 20 BETA version is available.   

This update includes a significant update to the Raster Backdrop functionality (for ECW and SID files).

  • ECW files with an Alpha Channel (transparency) are now supported.
  • Changes to the way the raster is rendered to the screen and printer to boost performance and decrease memory requirements.
  • Rendering to the display can now use multiple threads, significantly boosting performance when more than one raster file is displayed in the view.

----------------------- - 06/29/24


- NEW - #8593 - TextFontMapping entry is now supported by the Export to DGN functionality to map a GTViewer font to a DGN font id while still using the GTViewer text parameters.

- NEW - #8594 - DashStyleMap entry is now supported by the Export to DGN functionality to map a Style's dash pattern to a DGN style id.

- FIX - #8598 - The parameters sent to GT2Shape were wrong for the Coordinate Factors when doing an Export to Shapefile.

- FIX - #8599 - Updated the GT2Shape.exe utility to the latest version.

- FIX - #8606 - A selected Session Graphics would not be included in a Fit Session Graphics command.   Changed to clear selected before performing fit.

- NEW - #8608 - Upgrade to the Background Raster Display to support Transparency with ECW files and to improve performance with both ECW and SID rendering (using threads).

- NEW - #8609 - New Additional Property Settings:  MaxRasterRenderSize, MaxRasterRenderThreads, MaxPrintRasterRenderSize,  RasterPrintBackgroundColor, RasterTransparancyColor.

- NEW - #8610 - Printing Raster uses a new method that limits the individual raster file limits to the MaxPrintRasterRenderSize value.  Transparency is also supported for ECW files.

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