Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How to Omit Table Attributes with GTech Loader

 With GTech Loader version, you can specify a list of attributes to omit from a Table export. 

On the Tabular Setup form, select a Table in the Selected Tables list and use the Edit button to bring up the Table Edit form:

A new property called Omit Attributes has been added to the form.  You can specify a comma-separated list of Attribute names here, and if any of the Table's default attributes match one in this list, it will be omitted from the tabular export.   

Often, the standard GTech attributes are not needed by the users and can be eliminated.  For example, G3E_ID, G3E_CID, G3E_FNO, and G3E_CNO are usually good candidates (only G3E_FID is required).  You may have apps that need the other attributes too, so make sure they are really something you can live without before omitting them.  You are not limited to the GTech attributes either.  Any Attributes that are not useful to the user can be removed and shrink the size of the exported data.

Also, if you specify an attribute to omit and it isn't in the Table, that doesn't cause a problem. The omit attribute will just be ignored.

You can specify Omit Attributes for each individual Table, but you can also apply an Omit Attribute List to all checked Tables in the Selected Table List.  Press the Apply to Selected Button.  

You will then be presented with the Apply to Selected Tables form:

Currently, the Omit Attributes property is the only property supported, so you can specify the value (attributes to omit), and press the Apply button.  The Clear button will reset all of the checked Tables in the Selected Table List.

The Table Selection form will show all of the current properties for each Selected Table, just need to enlarge the form or scroll over to the right.

In this example, several of the Tables show the Omit Attributes set to G3E_ID.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

GTech Loader version is Available

GTech Loader version

It's been a while since I've posted anything for GTech Loader.  This is a big catchup post.   The last official version was with many updates after it.   So, why the big jump from .46 to .64?  The addition of GTech Dimension element support. There were other new features and fixes beyond Dimension Elements though.

Here's a quick summary:

  • Dimension elements: Simple, Orthogonal, and Polar.   If someone has Radius-of-Two Points dimension elements in their data, let me know, I can probably support them too.
  • The ability to Omit Attributes from exported Tables.  You can specify a list of attributes to omit from a table without having to specify an Alternate SQL statement, and you can apply an omit list to all tables.  Great for reducing your data size.
  • Internal support for Point Thinning has been added (for Linestring and Polygon elements with more than the maximum number of points for a GTViewer element). You can enable thinning at the feature level.  If you have needed this in the past, this is a very helpful addition.
  • Enhancements were made to the Global Properties feature (where you can apply feature level settings to an entire Category or Feature Group). It now includes Style Expressions, Group Expressions, and Point Thinning in addition to Filter Expressions and Record Filter Expressions.
  • Several fixes to better support HI_DPI and LOW_DPI screens.
  • Support for GTech LTT_USER Configuration settings and Metadata Language (LCID).
  • Many fixes for Foreign Language Characters.

----------- - 9/14/20

- FIX - #8158 - The Point Thinning Check Box was removed from the Category dialog since it was moved to the feature level.

- NEW - #8159 - Omit Attribute property added to Table Export Definition form.

- FIX - #8160 - If a SQL Attribute Clause was provided, it was still adding the individual attributes for the table.  This has been corrected to use the Attribute Clause only if it is provided.

- NEW - #8161 - Apply to Selected button added to the Table Definition page to apply Omit Attributes to all selected tables.

- NEW - #8161 - Additional Status information is shown while processing. Feature/Table of total Features/Tables.

----------- - 7/24/20

- FIX - #8153 - Orthogonal Dimensions with one dim line, but using second Dim text was incorrectly using the Dim Seg Id for the first Text.

- FIX - #8154 - The Angle Text for Polar Coordinates was using Dim Seg 7 instead of 
                Dim Seg 8.

- FIX - #8155 - If a Dim Text has a value of 0, it will now be considered null.

----------- - 5/13/20

- FIX - #8110 - The Polar Dimension elements were not supporting the Start Point and End Point geometries.

----------- - 5/12/20

- FIX - #8107 - If a Dimension Element did not have enough points in the geometry or if the first 2 points are identical, it will now skip the element.

----------- - 4/20/20

- NEW - #8106 - The Debug Logging added the FID attribute to the individual element logging for Detailed Graphics logging mode.

----------- - 4/17/20

- FIX - #8105 - Polar Dimensions were incorrectly getting rejected.

----------- - 4/8/20

- FIX - #8102 - It was possible for the first dimension element for each dimension feature to be exported incorrectly.

- NEW - #8103 - Minimal Support for Polar Dimensions.

----------- - 4/6/20

- FIX - #8100 - Dimension Base Line was getting incorrect Style assigned.

- FIX - #8101 - Dimension Line Extensions were always getting the Dim Line 1 Style even when Dim 2.

----------- - 4/3/20

- NEW - #8099 - New support for Small Dimensions.

----------- - 3/26/20

- NEW - #8098 - Upgraded Dimension Support added (Simple/Orthogonal).

----------- - 3/13/20

- NEW - #8091 - Option to Thin Points in Oversized Elements added to Category Setup.

- NEW - #8097 - The Global Properties dialog now supports Style Expression, Group Expression, and Point Thinning.

----------- - 2/11/20

- FIX - #8085 - The Tabular Setup dialog was not scaling properly for low-DPI displays.

- FIX - #8086 - The Features listview did not show Min and Max Thresholds correctly.

----------- - 12/09/19

- CHG - #8074 - If the next available filter id for a category is greater than the maximum filter id value, then it will search for an unused filter id with a lower value.

----------- - 12/21/18

- NEW - #8028 - Style Expression added to Feature Properties to override computed style.

- FIX - #8029 - Some dimension element did not define g3e_dimTextOffsetYField1 and g3e_dimTextOffsetYField2.  These are now ignored.

- FIX - #8030 - The Command-line version always applied the command-line configuration name.  If it was not provided, it would always set it to blank even if it was defined in the .ini file.