Monday, August 22, 2022

GTViewer Attribute Info Tips and Tricks (video)

This video demonstrates several features provided by the Attribute Info Dialog in GTViewer for Windows.

Topics Included:

  • 3 Ways to get Attribute Info on a Feature.
  • Using the Picklist when multiple Features are at a Point.
  • The 7 different Tab Types in the Attribute Info Dialog.
  • Copying to the Clipboard and Printing in the Attribute Info Dialog.
  • The Element Tab in the Attribute Info Dialog.
  • Secrets of the Attribute Info Dialog (Select Anything, Edit Style, Copy to Redline).

Monday, August 15, 2022

Videos on Setting Up and Upgrading GTViewer Data Server


One of my biggest issues with GTViewer Data Server is getting people to upgrade to a new version.  So with the new Version 6, I've made an extra effort to simplify this process.  

First, the documentation has been updated.  The sections on installing for the first time and upgrading from an older version have been completely rewritten.

Second, I made 3 videos to walk you through the process.  I don't claim to be a world-class video maker, so if you prefer to get the information from the documentation, that is perfectly fine and both the videos and documentation provide the same information.

There are 3 videos:


GTViewer Data Server version 6 (Beta) is Available

GTViewer Data Server version (beta) is Available for testing.

What's New:

  •  All Tools have been updated to work better on smaller (or low-res) screens and to be more user-friendly.  
  • New Tools have been added:  GTVDS_ReturnLicense, GTVDS_UsageFileViewer, GTDta2Csv, GTVDS_Poster.
  • GTVDS_Reset has new functionality to download logfiles and usage files.  It can also view the usage information.
  • Documentation has been updated and is now delivered as .PDF files.  The main doc (GTViewerDataServer.pdf) has been substantially rewritten to make the setup and upgrades easier.  
  • Three videos are available to walk you through Setting up GTViewer Data Server from scratch, upgrading from version 4 to 6, and upgrading version 5 to 6.
  • License Tracking has been updated.  More methods are now available to see how your licenses are being used and new ways to return licenses to the pool.
  • Support added for posting documents (not just images) from Data Collection apps.
  • Better logging information and various fixes.

----------- - 7/13/22

- FIX - #8268 Minor optimiation to the Date() filter function.

- NEW - #8286 Project List Group support added.

- NEW - #8292 PostImage.aspx will now provide a client error message specifically for when the WebAppImages does not exist.

- NEW - #8296 - GTVDS_Reset 6001 - Features added to download the current Logfile and Usage Files.

- NEW - #8297 - GTVDS_Reset 6001 - Save Password option added.

- NEW - #8298 - GTVDS_Reset 6001 - History has been added to the Server URL so you can pick from the last 20 used.

- FIX - #8299 - The .CSV Activity file could have records truncated if the server was stopped or crashed.  Now, all records are flushed when written.

- NEW - #8301 - Usage Audit File added to log all users Added, Returned, Purged for Inactivity.

- NEW - #8302 - User License management is now enforced instead of just tracking.

- NEW - #8303 - License return is now supported.

- NEW - #8307 New Tools:  GTVDS_Poster, GTVDS_ReturnUser, GTVDS_UsageFileViewer

- NEW - #8306 - GTViewer Data Client 6001 - ServerURL and Data Directory now save history.

- FIX - #8313 - Fix to the formatting of the Line Count in logfiles.

- CHG - #8314 - Registration Keys are now product version specific.

- CHG - 8315 - Regular Security Mode is no longer supported.  The default is now Enhanced mode.

- NEW - #8316 - All Tool Apps now provide a valid User Agent for Login requests.

- FIX - #8318 - Form Layout adjusted for GTManifest, GTVDS_Reset, GTViewerDataClient to better support lower resolution screens.