Thursday, May 09, 2024

GTech Redlines XML Files to GTViewer GTG File

The GTGTechXml2Gtg.exe utility is a command-line tool for converting one or more GTech Redline XML files to a GTViewer GTG file.  The GTG file created can be imported into GTViewer using the Draw/Import/Import GTViewer Data from the menus, or it can be use as a GTViewer Category (by creating an index file for it and adding it to your GTM file).

The utility uses a parameter file to provide information necessary for the conversion (this mostly comes from your data's GTM file).  The input can be a specific XML file or a wildcarded (* or ?) path to specify a set of files to convert.  The output is a single GTG file.

The GTGTechXml2GTG utility will be part of GTData, but it is available now (contact support to get it).