Tuesday, December 24, 2019

GTData version is Available

GTData version is available.

GTData doesn't change a lot anymore.  There are some minor fixes and tweaks, but nothing major.  Most of the Data Conversion updates are in the GTech Loader or the Oracle Loader and those are delivered separately anyway.   With version, only the Core utilities are provided in a Zip file instead of using a Setup.   There are still 37 utilities delivered in the Zip file, but these are the self-contained utilities that don't need any dependencies, registration, etc..  They are also the most used of the utilities.

Delivering the utilities as a Zip file will simplify the process of getting the apps to the right directories in your setups.  You will not have to run an installation, then move them.

If you still need one of the utilities not provided in the Core delivery, it will be in the previous full setup.  Full setups will still be created when enough changes accumulate.

----------- - 12/24/19

- NEW - #8072 - GTPreset - Category Selectability added to Preset Definitions.

- FIX - #8073 - GTPreset - The Verbose mode would crash if any filter ids were skipped in a filter file.

- NEW - #8077 - ALL - Recompiled all utilities with current GTViewer core.

- NEW - #8078 - ALL - Packaged as core utilities leaving lesser-used ones out.

- FIX - #8079 - GTIndex - Indexing algorithm modified to give slightly better index structure and indexing performance.

Friday, December 20, 2019

GTViewer for iOS version 4.0 is Available

This is a really late announcement, but GTViewer for iOS version 4.0 is available.   There are several major updates included.  The GTViewer for Android is currently being updated.

GTViewer for iOS version 4.0

Redline Drawing Tools:
  • New Elements supported: Shape, Linestring, Dimension, Leader Line, and Symbol
  • The Dimension element is a GTViewer dimension and is equivalent to the one in Desktop GTViewer. 
  • The Leader Line is a line with an Arrow Head on it.
  • Can specify predefined symbols (similar to desktop GTViewer) in data that can be placed.
  • Text will now support multi-line text, and the text strings can be edited.
  • All Redlines can be Rotated, Scaled, and Moved.
  • Linestrings, Shapes, and Freehand allow Vertex edits if there are fewer than 20 in the element.

Display Control
  • In addition to the Preset List, a Category list allows a category to be toggled on or off.

Detail File Support
  • Support for Detail URLs in attribute data
  • Support for detail view (with back to Geo View button).

  • User can rearrange Project list
  • Tablet versions have status bar text which can be Element count or Zoom.
  • The Menu (…) was revamped.  It had grown out of control with too many options and they are now grouped into more manageable sets.

GTViewer is Available

GTViewer Version is available. 

---------------------- - 12/20/19

- NEW - #8076 - Display Presets will now support Category Selectability.

----------------------- - 10/30/18

- FIX - #8020 - Change to prevent corrupt session graphics in a .GTX from preventing the file from being opened.

- CHG - #8021 - Changes to the Setup to not require .NET Framework.

Friday, April 26, 2019

GTViewer Data Server version is Available

GTViewer Data Server version is available. 

This delivery includes a new version of GTShareViewer (version 1020).  It provides the following new functionality:

  • Allow the importing of CSV Files into a project.
  • Clear/Reset a project.  
  • Sort the results by clicking on the column headers.
This delivery also includes a new command-line tool called GTVDSAdmin which will let you do the following:

  • Clear or reset a Project.
  • Import a CSV File into a Project/Web App and specify the imported record state.
  • Export a Project/Web App to a CSV File.
  • Delete a set of Data Collection records in a Project/Web App  (using a CSV File as input).
  • Update the State on a set of Data Collections in a Project/Web App (using a CSV File as input).
  • Backup the Project file on the Server.
  • Restore a Backup file on the server to a Project.
  • Compact a Project

GTViewer Data Server has a few fixes.  The biggest fix is for a problem with Image posting.  A problem exists where the images can get lost during a post in certain situations.   A fix was also made to the client side, but either the server or the client fix will resolve the problem.

- FIX - #8042 - Problem with Image Uploads that failed.  The GTI_Image records are no longer stored.

- NEW - #8043 - Additional Logging for Photo Uploads.

- NEW - #8044 - The GTVDSAdmin utility is delivered in the Tools directory.

- FIX - #8045 - The GTI_UserManager has been updated to more gracefully handle no user or no password provided.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

GTViewer Reader/Writer Plugin for FME 2019

FME 2019 delivers a version of the GTViewer Reader/Writer plugin, and it works fine.  However, there is a newer version of the plugin available (version

The new version includes the following:
  • Compiled to use current FME 2019 API (version 3.8 20181030).
  • Support for using the Attribute Order as specified in the workbench to determine the order of the attributes in the Table Definition File (.tab).  Finally!
  • Various updates to match the GTViewer Version 15 core.
  • Also, the x86 and x64 versions now use the same codebase and will have the same version number.