Friday, April 26, 2019

GTViewer Data Server version is Available

GTViewer Data Server version is available. 

This delivery includes a new version of GTShareViewer (version 1020).  It provides the following new functionality:

  • Allow the importing of CSV Files into a project.
  • Clear/Reset a project.  
  • Sort the results by clicking on the column headers.
This delivery also includes a new command-line tool called GTVDSAdmin which will let you do the following:

  • Clear or reset a Project.
  • Import a CSV File into a Project/Web App and specify the imported record state.
  • Export a Project/Web App to a CSV File.
  • Delete a set of Data Collection records in a Project/Web App  (using a CSV File as input).
  • Update the State on a set of Data Collections in a Project/Web App (using a CSV File as input).
  • Backup the Project file on the Server.
  • Restore a Backup file on the server to a Project.
  • Compact a Project

GTViewer Data Server has a few fixes.  The biggest fix is for a problem with Image posting.  A problem exists where the images can get lost during a post in certain situations.   A fix was also made to the client side, but either the server or the client fix will resolve the problem.

- FIX - #8042 - Problem with Image Uploads that failed.  The GTI_Image records are no longer stored.

- NEW - #8043 - Additional Logging for Photo Uploads.

- NEW - #8044 - The GTVDSAdmin utility is delivered in the Tools directory.

- FIX - #8045 - The GTI_UserManager has been updated to more gracefully handle no user or no password provided.

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