Tuesday, January 30, 2024

GTViewer version BETA is Available


GTViewer 20 BETA version is available.   

If your Beta version has expired, .11 and .12 have a new expiration date.

This update has several fixes plus the ability to have External Apps with sizable dialogs.

----------------------- - 01/29/24

- FIX - #8590 - Reading session graphics from a .GTX or .GTS  or importing a .GTG  would sometimes lose elements because of a type conversion issue.  The problem depended on the part of the design plane the session graphics were in.

----------------------- - 01/02/24

- FIX - #8539 - Adjustment to the External Application dialog to better fit existing app without making changings.  The new dialog frames are thinner and  made the existing apps too large.

- NEW - #8540 - External Apps can now use resizable dialogs (flag set to 1 in External App entry).  A new Event (800) will send the new width and height to external app.

- NEW - #8543 - Added additional logging for the Links using URLEXP.

- NEW - #8578 - Added ResetExternalApps command to the AddProp.ini support so any existing External App Definitions can be removed.

- FIX - #8581 - The Feature Name for picklists would sometimes be blank if the metadata didn't have a user component name, but had a feature name (as it is with FME generated data).   It will now default to the feature name.

- FIX - #8582 - If in Proximity Search Mode, and the Proximity Search Mode on the toolbar button was pressed again, it would get stuck and not show the Radius indicator.

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