Thursday, January 11, 2018

GTData is Available

GTData version is available.

There hasn't been a new installation for GTData in some time, so this is really just a roll-up of all internal changes to the core.  There are only two fixes listed, but there were more changes.   It was also difficult to get the newer fixes distributed without a setup.   The installation itself has changed in that it uses a newer version of InstallShield and doesn't try to install any components like MDAC or C++ Runtimes anymore.  There are too many different combinations, so those components will be installed as needed by the user.

----------- - 01/11/18

- FIX - #7850 - GTStyleMgr - Update to error message for Update file and also display Update File in header info.

- FIX - #7913 - GTFont - The -b2a flag was not working when there were Style Origins.

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