Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Geolocating Address Query in GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer

With the release of GTViewer 5.0, a new type of Query was added to set of available Locate Queries. GTViewer already supports long list of query types including a Standard Locate Query, a Thematic Query, a Street Intersection Query, a Locate By Coordinate, and a Locate By Lat/Long; Pocket GTViewer supports a similar list of query types. The Geolocating Address Query was added in GTViewer 5.0 and has recently been added to Pocket GTViewer. This new query type is specifically for street segment data containing High/Low address ranges for the left and right sides of the street segment. Given a specific address number and a street name, the query will determine what segment contains that address and will interpolate the spot where it is located.

The new Query looks like any other when run. The Street Number will be assumed to be a numeric value, but the Street name, City, and State can be left blank or wildcarded (begins with, contains, or ends with).

The results are a little different than a normal query because it shows all segments segment that match address being searched:

Another difference is what happens when you locate on a specific street segment. The whole segment is highlighted. Also, the location of the address number being searched for is interpolated, and a circle is drawn at the interpolated spot:

The new Address Query in GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer is very useful if your street data supports address ranges. The interpolated point for the address is not always accurate, but it will usually get you pretty close to the desired location.

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