Tuesday, January 10, 2006

GTData is Available

Version of GTData is available. This version includes 3 new utilities:
  • GT2Shape will convert a .GTG file to a setup of Shapefiles.
  • GTThesh will adjust the maximum display thresholds in a filter file (.flt) based on the average size of the graphics associated with each individual filter id.
  • GTCleanFlt will reset the custom setting in a filter file (.flt).
----------- - 01/10/06

- NEW - GTPack, GTExtract - now display an error message when using invalid or corrupt query files (.qry).

- NEW - GTThresh, GTCleanFlt, GT2Shape - New utilities have been added.

- NEW - GTShapeConv - Will now use a .shx file is present.

- FIX - GTShapeConv - Actual Range was not correctly displaying the range for certain elements types.

- CHG - GTShapeConv - Polygons now default to Shape Elements and Polylines now default to line or linestring elements. The ShapeFlag=0 will force polygons to lines and ShapeFlag=1 will force linesstrings to shape element (closing if necessary).

- NEW - GTShapeConv - TextFlag will now work with Polygon and Polyline types. The first point is used as the text origin.

- NEW - GTShapeConv - Will now assume the DbfFilename entry is the same as the ShapeFilename entry with .dbf instead of .shx.

- NEW - GTShapeDbfConv - Will now format Float type to be regular number (no scientific notation) and Date types according to the machines current locale.

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