Tuesday, March 13, 2007

GTViewer version 7.0.x.3 is Available

Version 7.0.x.3 of GTViewer is available.

----------------------- - 03/13/07
- NEW - Export as XML now supports Dimension Elements (Type 112).

- FIX - Export Data with the use alternate names would say there was not data if the defined structure for the embedded data was not valid. Now, it will revert back to the standard method and not try to apply the structure if it has a problem.

- FIX - Export as DGN was not applying the style rules to Text.

- NEW - New Methods:

New Doc Object Methods:

double GetElementAngle(long categoryId, long offset);

boolean GetElementTextSize(long categoryId, long offset,
long* lengthMult, long* heightMult);

New View Object Methods:

boolean GetStyleOriginForElement(long mode, long categoryId, long offset, VARIANT* originX, VARIANT* originY);

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