Wednesday, June 27, 2007

GTData Version is Available

Version of GTData is available.

----------- - 06/27/06

- FIX - GTLabelGtg - Mode 2 (auto scale) was incorrectly using the Target Size when it should be ignored for this mode.

- NEW - GTLabelGtg - Mode 5 added to support polygons. Label is placed at polygons centroid.

- NEW - GTLabelGtg - RequiredLength added for modes 1, 2, and 3. If an elements total length is less than the required length, the element will be ignored. If RequiredLength is 0 (default), all elements are considered.

- FIX - GTShapeConv - The last point in the last part of a polyline with more than one part was being dropped.

- FIX - GTShapeConv - The Header message was saying the .shp filename for the .shx name.

- FIX - GTShapeConv - Did not display error message when unsupported shapefile types were found.

- NEW - GTShapeConv - Added support for Polyine_Z and Polygon_Z element. They are converted as 2D elemetns.

- CHG - GTTile1 - Changed so that the Offset token is no longer case-sensitive.

- NEW - GTTile1 - Scale option added to scale element by their embedded data.

- NEW - GTQuery - Prompt queries will no longer count text that is only different by case as unique values.

- FIX - GTExtract - Fixed to prevent duplicate records from Thematic queries having elements with the same keys but different filter ids.

- FIX - GTConv - Problem with complex elements with arcs.

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