Monday, May 19, 2008

GTVx version 7.0.x.18 is Available

Version 7.0.x.18 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 05/19/08

- NEW - GTD #1003 - Export to Shapefile now supports Shape with Hole Elements.

- FIX - GTD #1004 - Export to Shapefile now forces all filenames to be upper case so that they are consistent with one another.

- NEW - GTVX #1026 - The SetDisplayProperty and GetDisplayProperty methods now support: SuppressEditDisplayUpdate

- FIX - GTV #1027 - Support for Shape with Holes has been added to the DGN export functionality. Shape with Hole elements are converted to linestrings.

- FIX - GTVX #1028 - Complex Shapes (Type 3, Extended Style 2) with a style rule containing only a Color and no border color would draw the complex shape's border with the element's shape border color. This has been changed to use the color in the style rule if the style rules defines only a color and no border color.

- NEW - GTVX #1029 - The FeatureTooltipOmitBlankValues Data Property has been added. It can be used with GetDataProperty, SetDataProperty, and in the Additional Properties section in the .GTM file.

- FIX - GTV #1031 - Stroking Circles, Ellipses, and Arc could overflow some point buffer in the export to .dgn routines after the default stroke angle was reduced to 5 degrees in an earlier version.

- NEW - GTVX #1033 - New Event for Feature Tooltips:

void FeatureTooltip(long id, long count, long categoryId, long offset, long dataId, long key1, long key2, double x, double y);

New property for GetDataProperty and SetDataProperty:


- NEW - GTVX #1034 - New Method:

long GetControlWindowHandle();

- FIX - GTVX #1035 - Selection of filled Shape elements was limited to borders only.

- FIX - GTVX #1036 - Fill Color and Border Color were not being drawn correctly for Shape with Hole elements.

- CHG - GTVX #1037 - Default Stroke Angle for Style rules has been changed to 5 degrees instead of 15.

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