Wednesday, August 20, 2008

GTViewer version 7.0.x.34 is Available

Version 7.0.x.34 of GTViewer is available.

----------------------- - 08/20/08

- FIX - #5230 - Cancel and Requery buttons would swap places on a resize.

- FIX - #5239 - Moving Selected elements did not clear the previous Style object, and if the last object changed a text symbol, the moved element would end up with a different symbol.

- CHG - #5267 - Image Preview Tabs in Attribute Info Dialog will now show the image Filename in the title bar.

- FIX - #5268 - Column Headers were not being set correctly in the Link tabs in the Attribute Info dialog when more than one records was present.

- FIX - #5269 - When Multiple Link records were available for a single Link definition, the grid view was not correctly initialized to display all of the link records.

- CHG - #5270 - All Link Tabs in the Attribute Info dialog will now use the records on a row approach even if there is only one record.

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