Wednesday, March 18, 2009

GTViewer 8.0.x.30 is Available

GTViewer version 8.0.x.30 is available.

----------------------- - 3/19/09

- CHG - #5714 - Element Count display on status bar has been changed to show displayed elements instead of cached elements. This change allows better tuning of display filters.

- FIX - #5715 - Problem introduced with #5701 that prevented the Count Highlighted elements for getting linear elements.

- NEW - #5716 - CopyPasteMode added to Additional Properties so that selected elements are unselected when data is copied.

- FIX - #5718 - If the VirtMap entry in a .gtm is changed to a relative path, the Links entries using relative paths did not work because their relative paths was based on the VirtMap entry.

- NEW - #5719 - If the DM Tooltip Separator is set to an empty string, there will be no separator added between DM tooltips when multiple tooltips are present at one location.

- NEW - #5723 - UDLS Flag=4 has been added to support centering symbols in the middle of a line versus mode 3's centering a symbol within each segment of a line.

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