Monday, June 15, 2009

GTVx version 8.0.x.11 is Available

Version 8.0.x.11 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 06/14/09

- FIX - #5811 - The LoadStyleDef method did not regenerate the style mappings pointers to the style unless LoadStyleMap was used too.

- NEW - #5830 - The Style Origin defined in Standard Fonts for Text Element symbols was not used in Rotation and Scaling operations.

- FIX - #5842 - Clipping Problems with Shape with Hole element have been fixed. Probably only seen when printing large Shape with hole elements that are filled and mostly out of the view.

- NEW - #5848 - GetStyleOrigin method will now support mode 1 to return Computed coordinate values.

- FIX - #5894 - Text using an extended style color would not de-color when using the Emphasize Session Graphics mode.

- NEW - #5897 - FillOffForRaster=1 can be used to disable polygon fills when a raster backdrop is drawn.

- NEW - #5898 - The Force Black and White Print Option will now disable all fills.

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