Friday, August 26, 2011

GTWeb Client running on the iPad

Here is another video of the GTWeb Client running on Apple's iOS. This time it is running on the iPad. The iPad's larger screen size provides a few extra features not seen when running on the iPhone such as Attribute Info being inset in the Map view and more commands on the Toolbar.

Here is a video demo of GTWeb on the iPad:

If you are on an iPad, you can view the video here.

Also check out our other videos of the GTWeb Client running on iOS, Android, Honeycomb, and BlackBerry.


bhuber said...

This demo does not impress an iPhone user. A flash video that will never work on an iPhone. You had a chance to demonstrate something that would impress me on my iPhone. I'll walk away unimpressed. Even the image files only enlarge when you click on each one. This requires paging back and forth on an iPhone again missing the mark. A slide show of images that fit an iPhone would be better. These are facts, not humble opinions. Raise your bar.

GTViewer - Joey Rogers said...


I'm sorry you are having problems, but the posting does contain links to .mp4 files specifically for the iPhone and iPad (it says "If you are on an iPad, you can view the video here."). I don't believe Blogger (who hosts our blog) has ever directly targeted iOS devices; however, we have tried to make accommodations for them. We would be more than happy to provide you with the video in any format you would like, just contact us.

Joey Rogers