Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GTWeb Updates

4 Updates are available for GTWeb

- GTWeb Server - Version - This update includes fixes to improve performance and reliability with many simultaneous requests.

- GTWeb Browser - Version  1.0.15 - New wait indicator added that works across all browsers, fix for presets not being remembered correctly when switching between projects, keyboad panning problem in IE9 has been resolved, and toggling the raster when no raster is available will now give an appropriate alert.   Go check it out here.  User: demo   Password:  demo

- GTWeb for iOS -  Version 1.0.24 - Simple Note functionality added (to match and share with the Android and Browser versions), indicator added after long press to show where the select point was, and fix for the long press context menu in the query results.

- GTWeb for Android - Version 1.0.49 - support for Google TV.

This update pack includes a variety of different fixes and new functionality.  The iPhone/iPad version of the GTWeb Client is now pretty much on par with the Android version (with the addition of notes and the long touch indicator).   The Browser version had several fixes and some polishing, but the most unusual new feature is the support for Google TV in the Android version.  Will GTWeb be running on a lot of Google TVs?  Probably not, but if what Eric Schmidt said about Google TV being on 'majority' of new TVs by summer of 2012, then there will be a large base of devices out there that can run the full featured GTWeb Client.   Update:  It looks like there is more truth to what Eric Schmidt said than I previously thought:  Google TV Boldly Tells World It Will Survive.

Google TV currently runs a flavor of Honeycomb (Android for the tablet), but it does have a few differences.   In regard to GTWeb, the differences that affect the application are not having a touch screen and the mouse track pad not having multi-touch support.  To compensate, GTWeb for Android now supports a few keys strokes for zoom in and out  (double tap still works and panning can be done the with the mouse track pad).  Other than that, it look gorgeous on a giant screen.   It also has a full keyboard remote making it very easy to query and do anything else that requires typing.

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