Monday, February 09, 2015

GTVx version is Available

Version of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 2/9/15

- NEW - #7466 - New method:  SetCoordinateConversionInfo method added.

- NEW - #7468 - The CreateSessionCategory entry has been added to the Additional Properties section to create a session category for .gtx files that do not have one.

- FIX - #7485 - Explicit paths in the Link definitions that were using a UNC path (starting with \\) were having one of the backslashes removed.

- FIX - #7487 - Hatch Fills on Shapes with Hole elements will no longer obscure raster or background color underneath.

- NEW - #7497 - The HeaderLabel, HeaderLabelSize, HeaderLabelBackgroundColor, HeaderLabelForegroundColor properties have been added to Get/SetDataProperty.  The same entries have also been added to the Additional Properties section fo the .GTM File.