Friday, May 08, 2015

GTWeb Server version is Available

GTWeb Server version is available.

There were several changes included in this version of GTWeb Server to simplify the installation process and several fixes as well.  

  • The ASP.NET app has been upgraded from .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.0 which greatly simplifies the web.config file (it will still run with .NET Framework 2.0 if necessary).   
  • The GTWeb_AppPath is now optional.  This was a popular problem when setting up the GTWeb Sever because it had to be correct for anything to work (such as logging).  Now it will default to the web site's bin directory (which is where it normally was anyway).   
  • Encryption now defaults to On.
  • The web site is delivered as precompiled files only.
  • GTWeb Server queries now support Query defined Presets (like GTViewer).
  • The GTWeb Server documentation has been completely updated.   The last setup instructions were written for Windows Server 2008 with notes for newer versions of Windows and IIS.  This information has been moved to the end of the document and the current instructions are written for Windows Server 2012 R2.   The new instructions have also been simplified using the current features of IIS.

----------- - 5/4/15

- FIX - #7552 - The default display filters were not applied before a preset was applied, so the results could be different from that of GTViewer if a category or filter was not defined in the preset.

- CHG - #7553 - Changed the ASP.NET app from .NET Framework 2.0 to 4.0.

----------- - 4/28/15

- FIX - #7549 - The Default Preset was not getting used when selecting features for Attribute Info.   If a preset had been selected, it would works normally.

----------- - 12/11/14

- FIX - #7500 - Circle Elements using a Priority style were not being drawn.

----------- - 12/11/14

- NEW - #7494 - Support for Query defined Preset has been added.

- NEW - #7495 - QueryPreset entry in the Project Definitions can be made to override a Query Preset or to define a Query Preset.

- NEW - #7496 - The GTWeb_AppPath entry in the Web.config file is not optional. If it is not specified, it will default to the web site's bin directory.

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