Thursday, October 06, 2016

GTViewer for iOS version 3.0.38 is Available

An update to GTViewer for iOS is now available.  Version 3.0.38 contains a variety of fixes and new features:

  • - NEW - Google Maps raster support (if you have Google Maps key)
  • - NEW - Raster and Location buttons now change color to show that they are toggled on/off
  • - FIX - Fixed an issue with long press updates from the Projects view
  • - FIX - Date formatting was sometimes wrong when determining if a project was Older
  • - FIX - Rasters would turn off if you downloaded a raster from the raster shortcut menu while rasters were already turned on.
  • - NEW - Support for Query Indexing (.qrx file)
  • - NEW - Logfiles are now viewable/emailable through a long press on the projects menu
  • - NEW - Support for using CenterX/CenterY for custom URL scheme

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