Tuesday, February 13, 2018

GTViewer Data Server version is Available

GTViewer Data Server version is available.  

This update contains fixes to GTManifest (now version 1014) which fixes a potential problem of propagating corrupt files from the server on to new projects when making new manifests.

The Web Service API has a few fixes as well as new functionality added (ClearProject and GetWebAppList operators).

The ElectGas Demo project that is delivered also contains a few fixes and updates.

----------- - 01/31/18

- FIX - #7937 - Problems with foreign characters in text element and embedded data.

- NEW - #7939 - ClearProject and GetWebAppList operations have been added to the Web Service API.

- FIX - #7941 - Web Service operators returning filtered results, will now use all Web App columns instead of just the internal ones.

- FIX - #7942 - Web Service operators using filter expression could have an error if an attribute was used in the expression but was not found in the data.  

- FIX - #7943 - BackupProject, GetProjectStatistics, RestoreProject, CompactProject, ResetProject, and ClearProject must now be performed with a user in the Admin group.

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