Wednesday, August 15, 2018

GTViewer is Available

GTViewer Version is now available.  This is a minor update to bring the Custom Detail URL functionality in sync with GTViewer for iOS/Android.

----------------------- - 08/15/18

- CHG - #8008 - Custom Detail URL has changed to use 1 as the default for Geo Flag and also 0 is for Detail Mode, and 1 is for Geographic mode.

- CHG - #8009 - Custom Detail URL has changed the Preset flag so that "*" is the Detail mode (all detail categories on, all other off).  If blank or not defined, it doesn't change presets.

- FIX - #8010 - Location History was not being updated for Custom Detail URL where Geo flag was set to the Geographic View.

- FIX - #8011 - The Location History would say Fit Session Graphics instead of Fit Data for a regular fit.

- NEW - #8012 - The Custom Detail URL now supports the "Clear" and "c" to clear highlights (and match iOS and Android versions).

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