Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Documentation Reference

 There are many documents available for GTViewer and the GTViewer family of products. Most of them are delivered with the associated products, but there are also some that are more general in nature.  This is an updated version of a previous post to be more in line with the current documentation offerings.   All of the major documents are described below

General Documentation


  • Describes all of the entries in the .GTM file.
  • Defines the formats for, filter#.flt,,, and linestyle.def.
  • Delivered with GTViewer.


  • Defines all data conversion and data manipulation utilities delivered with GTData.
  • Explains the process for converting ESRI Shapefile data and Intergraph FRAMME data.

GTViewer for Windows Documentation


  • User’s Guide for GTViewer and includes using GTViewer and the Command-line interface.
  • Delivered with GTViewer.

Dynamic Graphics in GTViewer and GTVx.doc

  • Describes how to use the Dynamic Graphics Interface for GTViewer.
  • Delivered with GTViewer.


  • Programmer's Reference for developing an external application for GTViewer with Visual Studio .NET.
  • Delivered with GTViewer


  • A working example app to demonstrate how to develop apps for GTViewer on Windows using the C# and the .NET Interface.
  • Delivered on request.


  • Programmer’s Reference for GTVx and GTViewer.
  • Delivered with GTVx and GTViewer.


  • Describes each of the GTViewer for Windows Add-On Apps (Dynamic Graphics Interface, Query Builder, Tooltip Builder, Preset Builder, Search Redlines, Find Feature, Show Google Maps, Get Imagery, and Import Data).
  • Delivered with the Add-On App bundle.

GTViewer for iOS/Android Documentation


  • Describes how to set up and configure the GTViewer Data Server to support GTViewer for iOS/Android.
  • Also includes documentation for GTManifest and the GTViewer Data Server Web Service.


  • Describes the method for launching GTViewer or iOS/Android from other device applications.
  • Delivered on request.


  • Describes how to create Data Collection apps for GTViewer for iOS/Android.
  • Delivered with GTViewer Data Server.


  • Describes how to create Web Apps on a server to use with GTViewer for iOS/Android.
  • Delivered with GTViewer Data Server.


  • Describes how to use the GTVDSAdmin utility which is a command-line tool to access GTViewer Data Server’s collected data via a scriptable command-line tool.
  • Delivered with GTViewer Data Server.


  • Describes how to use and configure the GTViewer Data Server Box
  • Delivered with hardware.

GTWeb Documentation


  • User’s Guide for GTWeb Server (installation and configuration)
  • Programmer’s Reference for GTWeb Server.
  • Delivered with GTWeb Server.

GTWeb Server API.doc

  • Developer's reference for programming with the GTWeb Server
  • Delivered on request.

Data Export Documentation


  • User's Guide for the GTech Loader application.
  • Delivered with GTechLoader
  • Getting started with GTech Loader using a generic template approach.
  • Delivered with GTechLoader.


  • User’s Guide for the Oracle Loader app to export data from Oracle Spatial Data to GTViewer.
  • Delivered with Orcl Loader.


  • Describes the GTViewer Reader/Writer Plugin for FME.  Similar to what is delivered with FME, but as a Word document.
  • Delivered on request.

File Format Documentation


  • Describes the format of the ASCII Data file (data.txt).
  • Delivered on request.


  • Describes the ASCII format for GTViewer elements (used by session file, GTViewer Data Server, etc, gt2ascii, etc).
  • Delivered on request.

GTViewer-Linkages and Embedded Data.doc

  • Describes the Difference between Linked and Embedded Data in the GTViewer format.
  • Delivered on request.

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