Friday, July 09, 2021

GTMetaExp version is Available


GT/Metadata Explorer version is available. 

Even though patches have been available, it's been a while since there has been an official release of the GTMetaExp.    This update includes a lot more than is listed as it was brought up to the latest development tools and libraries.   There are also two versions available, one for Oracle 12gR2 client and one for 19c.

----------- - 7/9/21

- NEW - #8176 - Upgraded Connectivity and Ownership diagramming components to a newer version.

- NEW - #8177 - Added support for Composite LineStyle Styles on the Style tab.

- FIX - #8233 - The Usage Summary tool would have a problem if the table for a Feature did not exist in the database.  It will now just show an error.

- NEW - #8237 - Added support for Oracle 12gR2 and 19c.

- NEW - #8238 - Upgraded .NET Framework to 4.8.

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