Friday, August 19, 2005

Pocket GTViewer version 4.0.x.6 is Available

Pocket GTViewer version 4.0.x.6 is now available. This version contains significant enhancements to the External Application Interface (especially for supporting Visual Studio .NET Smart Device Applications), performance enhancements for large "Shape with Holes" elements, and additional GPS support.

----------- - 08/19/05

- CHG - Shape with Hole drawing has been optimized to provide significantly better
performance when viewing large shapes up close.

- NEW - Info Exhange interface adds new Instruction: ChangeColor

- NEW - TrimbleSupport flag added to Additional Properties section. When set to 0,
the NMEA receiver modes with Lat/Long coordinate projections will work without
the GPS Components installed.

----------- - 07/06/05

- CHG - NMEA Receiver Setup will now go up to COM16 (instead of COM8).

- FIX - Links on features with repeating components would double the entries on the
Link Tab.

- NEW - Links can now use URL addresses.

- FIX - Reference elements could miss some of the tabular records associated with the feature.

- FIX - Launch with Point mode did not scale the reference point for HiRes screens.

- CHG - Evaluation Timeout extended

- NEW - External App modes can now store a bitmap of the current view before launching.

- FIX - External App Launch Immediately Mode did not handle the SetAppMode instruction from external applications.

- FIX - All mouse button events are absorbed after External Apps are run. Sometimes
a mouse up event was getting carried back after an external app was started in
modes 1 or 2 then the NextMode was set to Attribute Info (causing an unexpected
feature review).

- NEW - Info Exhange interface adds new Instruction: HighlightAdd, HighlightColor, HighlightClear, PB (Add to Point Buffer), ClearPB, DrawPBLineStr32, DrawPBShape32, ExportByFilterId, ClearAll

- NEW - Info Exchange interface adds new exchange values: ~BMP_FILE, ~RNG

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