Wednesday, December 07, 2005

GTViewer 5.0.x.8 is Available

Version of GTViewer is available.

----------------------- - 12/08/05
- CHG - Evaluation Timeout extended.
- FIX - Overview Map did not display elements whose priority was not 1.
- FIX - Style Manager did not like Filter Id greater than the max (500).
It will now semi-ignore them.
- FIX - Label in View Extents was Xhigh Ylow when it should have said Xhigh Yhigh.

- FIX - The Smallworld Justification codes were conflicting with the Microstation codes, so the Smallworld justification values are shifted by 150 so that they do not overlap.
- NEW - Shapefile Export has been added under Draw/Export.
- FIX - Fit Session Graphics was not adjusting for deleted redline elements.
- NEW - New Methods:

Doc Object:
boolean SetIndicatorRefHeadingDisplay(long mode);

boolean SetIndicatorRefHeading(double bearing);
boolean GetGpsInfo(VARIANT* attrList, VARIANT* valueList, long* count);
boolean SetIndicatorDisplay(boolean value);
boolean SetIndicatorPosition(long mode, double x, double y);
boolean GetIndicatorPosition(long mode, double* x, double* y);
boolean GetIndicatorDisplay();
boolean SetIndicatorHeadingDisplay(long mode);
boolean SetIndicatorHeading(double bearing);
boolean DeleteSessionGraphicByKey(long key1, long key2);
double GetElementLength(long categoryId, long offset);
long GetAddElementRedrawMode();
boolean SetAddElementRedrawMode(long value);

App Object:
long GetAppHandle();
boolean GetSize(long* xSize, long* ySize);
boolean GetPosition(long* x, long* y);

View Object:
long GetViewHandle();

boolean SetAddElementRedrawMode(long value);
boolean IsIndicatorInView();
boolean GetSize(long* xSize, long* ySize);
boolean GetPosition(long mode, long* x, long* y);

Dialog Object:
boolean SetPosition(long x, long y);

long GetDialogHandle();
boolean GetPosition(long mode, long* x, long* y);

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