Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Updated GTViewer Read/Writer for FME - version

An update to the GTViewer Reader/Writer for FME is now available.

The update is available in FME builds 2644 and greater. The update will also be included with FME 2006 GB.

----------- - 05/15/06

- NEW - Additional logging for EmbeddedAttribute entry in gtiParameters.txt file.

- NEW - Additional logging for the processing of the gtiParameters.txt file.

----------- - 04/01/06

- NEW - And Italic and Underline TrueType font have been defined in the default .GTM file.

- NEW - gtiParameters.txt file now supports EnableUnderlineMarker:

indicator font_number

This entry can be used to create underlined text in AutoCad files:


If a text string value begins with the marker, it will be stripped from the string and the font will be changed to the specified font number (which should be an underlined font).

- NEW - gtiParameters.txt file now supports MaximumPoints:


Since the maximum number of points in shape elements periodically increases, this entry can be used to maintain backward compatibility or utilize more points per elements.

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