Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pocket GTViewer 5.0.x.14 is Available

Pocket GTViewer version 5.0.x.14 is now available.

----------- - 05/31/06

- CHG - The Captures modes were changed to all use "Finish" as the button to end the capture instead of "Capture".

- CHG - The Capture Area, GPS_Area and SSF_Area will all visually close the reference shape when the Finish button is pressed.

----------- - 05/28/06

- FIX - Fix to the storage of display filter setting in .gtx files.

- FIX - SSF Capture Modes were not collecting points.

- FIX - SSF Capture Mode was displaying disabled Clear button.

- FIX - Switching from one SSF mode to another SSF mode, canceled the SSF collection.

- FIX - When the Keep In View mode for the GPS indicator was active during an SSF feature collection, the captured indicator would draw before the view updated.

- CHG - The Keep In View mode for the GPS indicator now uses a larger buffer for determining when to update the view. The indicator previous had to be almost out of the view before the view updated. Now, it only needs to be near the edge of the view.

- CHG - Improved table map load speed by about 40%. There will be a noticeable difference if data has a large number of table definitions.

- CHG - Minor optimization to element rendering.

- CHG - Optimized Session Graphics rendering.

- CHG - Optimized Selection of Session Graphics elements.

- NEW - Support for TransformerSettingsPPC2 as well as TransformerSettingsPPC in the GPSInfo.ini file. This additional entry allows a 2.0 version of the Trimble coordinate transformation string to be specified separately in the same file.

- NEW - IgnoreInternalGpsInfo entry added to addprop.ini. If set to 1, the embedded gpsinfo.ini will be ignored.

- CHG - The gpsInfo.ini file is now created with the TransformerSettingsPPC2 entry instead of the TransformerSettingsPPC entry to differentiate between the 1.0 and 2.0 versions of the Trimble coordinate transformation string.

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