Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Blog postings have been a bit slow over the last few weeks, but this doesn’t mean software development has stopped. In fact, it means very much the opposite. This posting will be brief, but I will take some time to show off some of the new stuff.

GT/Field now runs on both GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer. GT/Field is a parameter driven add-on for GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer to facilitate the collection of data. Such data might be field inventory, pole or valve inspections, joint-use identification, GPS point collection or rectification, etc.

Data collection with GTViewer and Pocket GTViewer is not new. What makes GT/Field different is that it does NOT require any development or programming to use. Simply define what fields you want to capture for which features and you are ready to go.

GT/Field was developed first for Pocket GTViewer since the handheld device is an ideal platform for data collection; however, the need to collect data is just as important for GTViewer on laptops.

The following screenshots are showing test features, but hopefully they will illustrate the simplicity and effectiveness of the approach.

GT/Field for Pocket GTViewer

GT/Field for GTViewer

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