Tuesday, June 27, 2006

GTViewer 5.0.x.20 is Available

Version 5.0.x.20 of GTViewer is available.

----------------------- - 06/27/06

- NEW - Improvements to the Display Cancel mechanism (Right Mouse click during render).

- CHG - Update to the status bar progress messages.

- FIX - GT/Field did not correctly create Text element from Symbols when the SymbolAsText option was used.

- FIX - The Print Dialog's Force Black and White option was causing color fonts to display as mono-color fonts.

- CHG - Minor adjustments to roundoff error with font and symbol rendering.

- FIX - The .GTS session files did not correctly save Leader Line elements.

- NEW - GT/Field now supports:

ReadOnly property can be 1 or A (for all), E (for Edit), N (for New).

Required property can be 1 or A (for all), E (for Edit), N (for New)

List Type now uses the second proprety as the maximum history size: L0

GT/Field path and FilterString are now stored in extracts.

Captured_X and Captured_Y can be used as types with Point features.

Feature Definition and Picklist files can now be placed in sub-directories.

GTFieldAuditFile can be specified in the .GTM's Additional Properties.

GT/Field licensing has been added.

- FIX - GT/Field fixes:

Symbol to Text conversion (for edited symbols) did not account for the style scale if the height and length multipliers were default values.

GPS_X and GPS_Y are were not cleared for Point features.

Style paremeter in the Feature Definition files was defaulting to -1.

----------------------- - 06/01/06

- FIX - UpdateElement and DeleteSessionGraphicElement did not work correctly if the size of the element was 0 by 0 (no width and no height).

- FIX - DeleteSessionGraphicByKey and DrawSet2KeyLinkage did not work.

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