Thursday, July 13, 2006

GTData version is Available

Version of GTData is available.

- FIX - GTUpdateGtg - Deleted elements in the update file were still being processed.

- CHG - GTUpdateGtg - If a delete item was defined with no filter, then any additional deletes for this item with a filter id will be ignored.

- FIX - GTShapeConv - The RangeFile was not being created for category seciton that had only regular shape element (not shape with hole, shapes that were over the maximum points, etc.).

- FIX - GTQuery - The Connectivity Query (Type 29) did not allow a FixedGid entry.

- FIX - GTQuery, GTExtract, GTPack - modified to support new modules for working with large .GTX files.

- NEW - GTTextQuery - MinCharacter entry added to specify minimum required number of character before text will be loaded.

- NEW - GTGetRecords - The Column entry can now support a list of columns (pipe delimited). The output will be a single value for column whose value is the result of appending all of the values in the specified columns together (with a space inserted between populated values).

- FIX - GTConv - Problem with shared cell definition with arcs.

- FIX - GTInterGtg - Was incorrectly reporting unfound Additional Attributes. If a defined AdditionalAttrName entry used an invalid attribute, it report the wrong attribute as being the undefined one.

- FIX - GTLabelGtg, GTIntersect - Characters in text with ids above 127 would sometimes cause problems.

- NEW - GTFormatInfo - HeaderFile and FooterFile entries are now optional.

- NEW - GTFormatInfo - TableFilter entry added to allow records to be filtered by table name.
- NEW - GTFormatInfo - Filter entry added to allow records to be processed or ignored depending on an attribute value appearing or not appearing in the Filter List. The FilterOmitFlag was also added.

- NEW - GTFormatInfo - Two new tokens are now supported: <%KEY1%> and <%KEY2%>

- NEW - GTTile1 - Now supports an Offset entry to allow files to be shifted independently according to their the embedded data.

- FIX - GTInterGtg - Did not tell the version in the output.

- FIX - GTQuery - Problems with prompt values greater than 255 character (the max limit). Will now provide a warning message and give a location of the record.

- FIX - GTShapeDbfConv - Fields with Pipes (|) are now cleaned to prevent problems with Tabular data export format.

- NEW - GTFormatInfo - Verbose mode added.

- NEW - GTInterGtg - now supports a AdditionalAttributesFromBothFeatures flag. If set to 1, Additional Attribute will be retrieved from both features creating the intersection.

- NEW - GTLabelGtg - now supports Mode=3 to define more than one label per element. The labels are fixed in size, and are controled with SpaceBetween and SpaceFromEnd entries using system unit values.

- NEW - GTRemap2 - Added to support remaping by element key.

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