Monday, July 10, 2006

Pocket GTViewer 5.0.x.15 is Available

Pocket GTViewer version 5.0.x.15 is now available.

----------- - 07/10/06

- FIX - Symbol to Text conversion (for edited symbols) did not account for the style scale if the height and length multipliers were default values.

- NEW - Info Exchange interface now supports LoadAddProp.

- NEW - Entries in the Additional Properties section of the .GTM file can now be split into multiple line (to overcome the 255 character limit). The Attribute value must be and there can be no blank lines between the split line and the continued line.

- NEW - SetState instruction will now accept a blank to clear the state value.

- NEW - ~PROMPT is now included in the exchange info to pass the last prompt message to the external application.

- NEW - ActivateCapture now supports "Feature".

- NEW - ActivateCapture now supports a RESEND_PREVIOUS option which will send the previous element information along with the current mode information.

- NEW - Hi-Res Toolbar images has been provided.

- NEW - Customizable toolbars have been added. Up to 5 customizable toolbar can now be defined in the .GTM file or addprop.ini.

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