Friday, October 13, 2006

GTData version is Available

Version of GTData is available.

----------- - 10/13/06

- NEW - GTStyleMgr, GTTabImport, GTMergeStyles - added to GTData.

- NEW - GTFilterImp - added to GTData.

- FIX - GTFrbConv - modified to also accept .rdl file using C(#) instead of C(Table.Attr). Non-FRB Tools .rdl files used the number of codelist tables.

- NEW - GTQuery - New silent flag will not generate the error messages, but will still provide the summary report.

- NEW - GTQuery - supports the -v1 flag to provide extra detailed information when compiling Offset Queries.

- FIX - GTQuery - If prompts were defined with a Graphic Offset Query, the query would be corrupt. Prompts are now ignored with this query type.

- FIX - GTFormatInfo - OmitFilterFlag messages in the verbose log were incorrect.

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