Monday, October 02, 2006

GTVx version 5.0.x.9 is Available

Version 5.0.x.9 of GTVx is available.

----------------------- - 10/02/06

- NEW - Export Session Graphics as XML functionality has been added to ExportSessionGraphics and ExportSessionGraphicsEx.

- CHG - Text Drawing in UDLS lines will not turn off when the size is less than 4 pixels (like it does with regular text)

- NEW - New Method:

boolean GetElementFontId(long categoryId, long offset, long* fontId);

- NEW - The FixedTextPlacementScale property is supported with SetDataProperty to change the text placement size to not be zoom dependent. Set to the zoom level you want the text size to be based or 0 (default) to work as it has in the past.

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