Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Raster Updates

GTViewer, GTVx, and the GTV .NET Control all received upgrades to their raster functionality.
Updates to ER Mapper’s ECW file functionality include various enhancements and fixes as well as adding support for .ERS files (which provide header information in a simple ASCII format while pointing to a .ECW file).

JPEG 2000 support has also been added. A .jp2 file can now be included in a non-Category raster list or a Raster Category’s raster file list. The .ERS file can also be used to specify header information for a .jp2 file.

Including the LizardTech's MrSID format, the GTViewer family of products offers a wide range of Raster support making it easy to being in background imagery.

The screenshot above show the ER Mapper sample data composited with Country and State bounary shapes.

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