Friday, November 16, 2007

Feature Tooltips in GTViewer and GTVx

A new feature called Feature Tooltips has been added to GTViewer 7.0.x.17 and GTVx 7.0.x.9. A Feature Tooltip will automatically display when the user hovers the mouse cursor over a feature and will display a subset of the feature’s tabular information.

The Feature Tooltip must configured for each feature you want to support. This configuration is done in the .GTM file by adding a list of features and what attributes will be displayed for each feature. Any of the attributes from a feature’s associated tabular records are available for the tooltip.

The Feature Tooltip does not provide any information that cannot be displayed with the Attribute Info mode or by right clicking the mouse on a feature; however, it does provide another way to quickly provide key information for a feature with minimal user interaction.


The following screenshot display a Feature Tooltip on a Pole feature:

The following screenshot show the Phase for a Primary Conductor. Note that only the phase value is display with no heading or attribute label.

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