Wednesday, October 14, 2009

GTViewer 9.0 Release Candidate is Available

The Release Candidate for GTViewer version 9.0 is available. Current GTViewer users can get the release candidate by contacting

New Features
  • Favorites - Create and return to favorite locations.
  • Applications Menu Item - place External Applications under the Query menu or the new Applications menu.
  • Location History Dialog Enhancements - Query entries now include prompt values; history list can be filtered to show only Query entries.
  • ToolBoxes - Define up to 10 ToolBoxes whose buttons can perform queries, activate presets, toggle the display of feature sets, run external applications, and more.
  • Locate XY Dialog Enhancements - User can select between X/Y and Lat/Long modes; Last 10 locates are now stored in a history list.
  • Attribute Info Dialog Enhancements - Print attribute info; Jump to Style Manager; Copy individual values to clipboard.
  • Custom Print Labels - Provide up to 10 custom label prompts to add custom information to prints.
  • Hatch Fill Styles - 6 new hatch fill styles are now supported.
  • Custom Attribute Info Tabs - Create a new tab by combining attributes values from other tabs.
  • Command-Line Parameter Enhancements - Specify X/Y or Lat/Long to locate; Set Display Preset.
  • GPS Reference Point - Place a reference point and the GPS indicator will always point in its direction.
  • Query Results Dialog Enhancements - Get Attribute Info for selected record; Set GPS reference point on Located feature.
  • Dynamic Highlighting Support - API provided for highlighting features based on attribute values.
  • API - 38 new methods and events added.

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