Friday, October 23, 2009

GTViewer version 9.0.x.3 is Available

GTViewer version 9.0.x.3 is available. The Release Candidate and Released version held up the normal flow of updates for the last month. We will now resume our normal schedule.

----------------------- - 10/23/09

- FIX - #6110 - Add, Delete, and Break at Vertex were causing the ElementSelected event to be fired too many times as the old element was deleted and the new element was added.

- FIX - #6111 - Attribute Info dialog now uses a default width that includes the Count button.

- NEW - #6112 - Count Detail dialog will now show coordinate values in Lat/Long if one of the Lat/Long coordinate readout modes is used.

- CHG - #6113 - Tip of the Day no longer shown at startup.

- FIX - #6117 - Hatch Fill on Shape with Hole elements would not use the correct fill color.

- FIX - #6118 - Print to Scale with Center of View was not getting all of the graphics in the print (it was still using center point as the lower left corner of the spatial query).

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