Monday, November 29, 2010

GTViewer 10 has been Released!

What’s New in GTViewer 10

Dynamic Graphics –a powerful visualization tool for analyzing data and creating more informative or alternate views of the data. The Dynamic Graphics functionality uses a set of rules to generate new graphics on-the-fly based on a feature’s attribute values, the current zoom level, and even the presence of other dynamic graphics. The goal of the Dynamic Graphics functionality is to provide an easy way to generate thematic maps, feature labels, and analytical constructions in an ad hoc manner or as prepackaged queries delivered with a dataset.

Command-Line Options – an extended set of command-line options has been added to simplify the integration of GTViewer with other applications like mobile workforce management. These new options can be used to start GTViewer and then locate on a specific coordinate, perform a query, initialize the GPS and Reference Points, set Display Presets, and activate Favorites. If GTViewer is already running, these command-line options can still be used to update the view location and change view settings.

Expressions Support – Custom Attribute Info Tabs and Feature Tooltips can now use expressions to specify the information they display. These expressions can use one or more feature attributes as well as formatting, mathematical, and string manipulation functions.

Custom Raster – standard raster formats (such as .bmp, .jpg, .tif) can now be attached to the main view. These raster files can serve as embedded detail drawings or be used to enhance a view’s appearance.

Style Definition Id –Version 10 elements now support an optional Style Definition Id which directly associates a Style Definition with an element and does not require a mapping from the element’s Filter Id to a Style Definition via the Style Map. The Style Definition Id can be used to decouple the Filter Ids from the Style Definitions, allowing more flexible groupings in the Display Filter Definitions.

GPS Components – the GTViewer Installation now supports the installation of the GPS Component without the need of a separate installation.

Demo Dataset – The Electric Demo dataset previously delivered with GTViewer has been updated. The new Electric/Gas/Fiber demo dataset illustrates many of the newer features in GTViewer including the Dynamic Graphics, Feature Tooltips, and Custom Attribute Info tabs.

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